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Another Betrayed Wife June 25, 2009

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Anyone else keeping tabs on all the politicians, their affairs, the press conferences announcing it and the role of the betrayed wife? For all you loyal KT followers out there – and let me tell you – there are so many of you – you know that I love to observe these antics.

Obviously I am talking about the latest news of Governor Sanford taking off to parts unknown – as it turns out Argentina – because of his affair with a woman. Over the weekend, DH showed an unusual amount of interest in the story of the  MIA Governor. He was so sure it was going to be yet another salacious gay affair. His sudden interest amused me and well – we all knew the dear old conservative Christian Governor was either dead or clearly having an affair with someone. The fact that he left the country and headed to Argentina, where the beaches are amazing and the women gorgeous, truthfully does make it all the more interesting. Certainly something you can almost digest much easier than approaching people in, say, an airport bathroom stall. Or even moving hookers across state lines (I’m still miffed that Spitzer didn’t think our hookers here in DC were good enough for him).

But that’s not what today’s entry is about. It’s about the betrayed wife. We’ve stood there in disbelief and wondered what are they thinking – good ole Hilary, McGreevey’s wife, how about Spitzer’s wife? I mean seriously. Then came Elizabeth Edwards – we all took note that when John went on ABC Primetime in December to disclose the truth behind his affair, Elizabeth wasn’t there. I don’t know about you, but I totally respected her for it. I keep wondering – why should the wife give a crap about the husband’s career and show the voters that if she trusts him, we should, when he can’t keep his pants on? It’s so humiliating…..why stand there?

So Elizabeth stayed away.

And now we see Governor Sanford’s wife was decidedly absent during his odd, rambling, press conference yesterday. In fact, I read that she hasn’t spoken to him in two weeks.

Are we turning the tide here kittens? Are the scored political wives finally standing firm and giving their husbands the big “F You” very publicly by not standing there? I’m really hoping so because in that moment of political disaster for their careers, they ought to be up there alone, facing the cameras. You reap what you sow, boys.

But see – this time – this story is giving me pause beyond just the initial public reaction of the wife. It’s really about the dissolution of the marriage. A KT BFF who might be almost 40, though she doesn’t look a day over 21, a while back commented on how in the 30s, everyone is getting married and having babies. But she’d noticed amongst her 40 year old friends, everyone was divorcing.

This passing comment really stuck with me.

And then I look at Governor Sanford and his beautiful wife and their four boys and I wonder – what the hell is happening to these marriages after so many years? And though I’m not 40 yet, it’s coming a bit faster than I’d like, and so I can’t help but wonder. In particular now that I have two kids, it seems even more complicated, to deal with a divorce than it did after one kid. Everything just is even more intertwined. So how does this happen? Why does it happen? Do people just get bored after almost 20 years together and things die off?

For whatever reason, I am viewing this latest political scandal through a different lens, more sadness, and just wondering why and how the hell do people avoid it.


Rants March 18, 2009

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OK seriously – there is a lot to rant about. Sure, I could wax on about Bernie Madoff, his wife’s $2 million worth of jewels the government wants, or AIG and their bonuses and our populist outrage…but really, aren’t Gloria Allred and Nadya Suleman or Meghan McCain and Laura Ingraham more interesting?

Let’s start with the Octo-Mom. She continues to fascinate me. I loathe her and all the people who have hopped on her gravy-train. I caught a few minutes of the Today Show this morning and of course Gloria “Every Story that captures the nation is a case I must represent” Allred was on with David Gregory. Why does this hideous woman insert herself constantly? She is so media hungry and opportunistic – why do we give her any attention? And speaking of vultures circling her prey, how about Nadya Suleman inviting a blog TV crew into her home to record the homecoming arrival of her two babies released from the hospital?

Yet we’re supposed to believe that everything she does is for her children while she invites a dirty news crew and their cameras into her home for the world to see? Seriously?
Meanwhile we have Gloria A. on national TV asking us to give money to this Angels group that is donating time and care to Nadya because we’re supposed to believe everyone is doing this for the sake of these 8 innocent babies?

Really people?

And why those 8 babies whose mother DELIBERATELY became pregnant when she already couldn’t handle the 6 she has? Why should we give our money to them when there are millions of children in this country who also need help and whose mothers didn’t deliberately pursue another multiples pregnancy to fulfill her own psychotic needs.


And can someone please crack the story of Nadya’s obvious plastic surgery above her lip and how she had the money for that one? She parades herself on TV and invites the cameras in – so she’s inviting the criticism and judgement.

And then there is the cat fight between some GOP women “pundits” – over Meghan McCain and her weight – I was totally in the dark when I caught a few seconds of Meghan McCain yesterday morning telling us how she’s not fat…and guess what…she’s not… I read this piece in Slate mag with real interest:

You have to admit, however, it is fun to see the republicans fighting each other because they are usually so well disciplined and only the dumb Ds expose their internal fights all over the TV. Though I’m not sure fighting over weight and age really counts – but it’s still a good read on Slate.


When You’re Bored…. January 24, 2009

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“When you’re bored, give me a call back,” my sister said to me last night when I told her I couldn’t talk. She called around 6:45pm, I was trying to wrap up dinner for DD1, a feeding for DD2, wondering where the hell DH was, and my mind was drifting towards the two bath times and bed times I wanted to wrap up by 8:30.

Her words really struck me. “When you’re bored..”


When was the last time I was bored? More importantly, when in the hell will I find myself bored again?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I was probably plenty bored the last time I was at work, toiling away behind my desk, but setting aside painful meetings and generally lame time spent at work – when was the last time I was bored? When was the last time you were bored? Can’t remember? Didn’t think so.

So while I faked like I was giving full attention to dinner, I began to wonder, when will I be bored again? 10 years from now? hell no…both girls will be teens….I’m sure I’ll be plenty of things, but not bored.

15 years from now?


But how old will I be then?

And can my sister wait 15 years for me to call her back?


So here I am, kittens, finally back with you…I know you have missed moi as it’s been over two months…and certainly by now you know that I have a beautiful second red-headed daughter who is 8 weeks tomorrow. Time f’ing flies.

And we know we’re not bored (work time excluded).

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked if it’s twice as much work. With the first child, everyone seemed to want to know how she slept (crappy compared to this one), with the second, everyone wants to know if it’s twice as much work. Well, only those who don’t have two yet ask that question.

I really can’t answer that question because it seems too hard to quantify but I’ve given it loads of thought because lord knows I wondered as much before the 30th of November when DD2 was born.

We all know I think mobility and certainly talking are over-rated – so I reserve the right to weigh in that it is twice, if not four times, as much work down the road. For now, here are my thoughts – I think that there is like zero down time now. I used to think I didn’t really have down time but as it turns out, with one, you actually probably have more down time than you realize – it’s just relative because you have way LESS down time than you did sans enfants. Well, with two, you realize how much down time you had with just one because suddenly that down time is filled with other things – like changing more diapers or doing way  more laundry or nursing or wondering how you haven’t eaten lunch yet at 3pm (yet despite no time for lunch, you still look a few months preggo. Life is cruel).

But at the same time, I love it. I’m definitely not complaining but I am not ready to say it’s double the work yet – it’s just more work. And more fun.

I have way more to say – but this is my precious down time and I’ve got tons of other things to be doing – so more later, kittens. Until then, let’s all just be happy that Bush is finally gone and the beloved Obama family is now occupying 1600 PA Ave. I mean really – did that take long enough or what?

Oh – me and a KT BFF had our picture taken with Ben Affleck and he’s unbelievably hot in person. Holy shit…..and tall. A tall, dark, drink of water….way to go Jenny Garner is what I have to say to her…..



Our New First Lady November 12, 2008

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I know I am not alone in being completely jazzed about watching Michelle Obama become our First Lady in January….and learning more about the issues that she will take up. She has already communicated her interest in the issues facing working moms/parents. That aside, I also know that I am not alone in getting completely wrapped up in Michelle the woman – what she is wearing – whether or not I like it, etc. For the record, LOVED the red dress she wore to the White House on Monday.

That said, I stumbled upon this piece in Salon and encourage you to read it – it is very interesting. On some things, I think the reporter is being very harsh but it’s what Barack himself writes in one of his books about the choices made by his wife and her struggling between balancing work and motherhood – and his role in that as her husband – that might have interested me the most. Give it a read.

And also kittens, Baby #2 could arrive any day now – so I realize I have been MIA and well – let’s be honest, I’m really going to redefine MIA for a while once she is born – so bear with me. You know I come back to you as soon as I can…..


Obamas in the House November 6, 2008

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Seriously…I know I have been remiss in posting – I hate when work gets in the way.

So – how about that amazing election night? The outcome? The speech from Obama? The fabulous and adorable First Family up on the stage? I’ve never actually teared up before but man did I tear up hearing what President-Elect Obama had to say. I think we’ve all noticed the almost euphoria erupting from this election – is there anything more I can say about it that is original? Even the international reaction is the same – my parents were part of an all-night election party in the Hague where the Prime Minister of Holland was in attendance, along with Parliament Members. I mean – the fact that this was so internationally followed amazes me. And everyone is joyous.

But how about a few other noteworthy outcomes beyond just the Oval Office.

Can we give a shout-out to the two new female Senators, giving a net gain of one female Senator and the all-time high of now 17 female Senators? Very exciting that Jeanne Shaheen ousted Sununu in New Hampshire and is now the first female Senator representing the state. And really – Kay Hagan defeating Elizabeth Dole is cool. But did Elizabeth even make that hard? Doesn’t seem like it.

And I have to just give a general shout-out to the Old Dominion…bringing home the blue…including a blue governor. Nice work Virginia – I frankly had my doubts and certainly won’t be moving over the bridge from my safe-haven liberal Maryland but at least can no longer mock my sisters for living in a red state.

And speaking of red states, then there’s good old Alaska. As if Palin hasn’t done enough to ruin everyone’s impression of the poor state but then its residents go and re-elect a convicted felon? Huh? Really? They love Uncle Ted that much up there? It is non-sensical to me because we all know the Senate is just going to oust him anyway.

I say this to you Alaska – WTF.

At least Ohio is no longer dead to me. Ohio has been dead to me for so long. But it’s back. Ohio has proven itself worth of some good old KT lovin’ now.

I attended a post-election lunch yesterday where Gwen Ifill and Charlie Cook gave their thoughts. Most of what they said, we’d all heard them say on TV already – but one of them made two points that really stuck with me. I think it was Cook.

The first was just a general observation that Obama campaigned for two years and in that two years – he uttered one wrong word – that was in the off-the-record fundraiser in SF where he commented on people in PA and OH being “bitter.” Look – one mis-step in the span of two years keeping up a schedule and pace like that is remarkable. I bow to him. (In case you haven’t noticed).

The other observation was about his campaign. Unlike most other campaigns, we never once heard about the in-fighting, the leaks, the drama – which is partly what makes following campaigns fun – at least for gossip mongers like myself. The McCain campaign sure made the leaks on Palin being a diva fun in the final stretch. But Cook is right – the Obama campaign was rock solid – frankly that reminds me of the discipline of the Bush campaigns – rock solid, on message, no f’ing around.

I’m optimistic that these two things just reinforce the hello – MANDATE – that the people gave to Obama on Tuesday night.

I don’t know about you but January can’t come fast enough. It’s been a long 8 years.


Election Countdown October 30, 2008

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And for anyone who thought little girls weren’t inspired by Obama – like they were for Hillary – check it out, kittens:


A real woman of the people October 22, 2008

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OK really – this is one i can’t avoid…….

Politico is reporting today that the RNC shelled out $150K for Sarah Palin and her family in CLOTHES in August and September:

WTF – really?

Wow – she’s really one of the people as she claims every day – day in and day out – one of the few talking points she can stick too and say with any clarity.

I don’t know about you – but I have no trouble considering myself a “real American” even though I live on the east coast in a large city – the hated Washington – and yet – I’m pretty sure I’m not going on shopping sprees to Neimans and Saks…..particularly while mouthing off about how much I care about “Joe the Plumber”

The hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me, coming from the McCain-Palin campaign.

Check out Kos today if you want to read more: