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Cheater September 3, 2009

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OK, I am exactly one week late on blogging about this but hopefully some of you missed this last week as well. As it turns out, a wife in VA found evidence of her husband cheating – she found it on his cell phone – so what did she do?

She made him stand on Leesburg Pike during rush hour wearing a huge sign that reads “I Cheated. This is my punishment.” Apparently he was out there from about 9am – 11am last Wednesday. I would have made him stand out there for more than a day.

But honestly, hats off to this super pissed off wife. Presumably she’s taken him back after he fulfilled his public humiliation assignment. And apparently he wouldn’t speak to the many people who tried to interview him because he didn’t want to get into more trouble.

But seriously, she obviously felt very humiliated and returned the feeling to him. There’s something to be said for it.

Here’s the hilarious link

OK – Thursday morning update – the whole thing was a hoax put on by radio station 99.5 – check out the story in today’s Post style section. What a shame!


2 Responses to “Cheater”

  1. This story I found to be absolutely hilarious when it was presented. The punishment is, indeed, absolutely fitting for the man; and I’m sure the lady felt extremely satisfied after it was delivered.

    I agree with your comment concerning the length of time; a day is far too short.

  2. …’s too bad it’s a hoax….

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