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DENIED May 20, 2009

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In 84 point font….in red…bold red…..that’s what would be stamped across my submission to the Mother of the Year contest.


Now, before we get to it, let’s review the fight club rules for any KT newbies. There is no “mommy guilt” in KT-land…I roll my eyes and snicker at people who waste their precious reserve of emotional energy on that. Spend more time thinking about how Memorial Day is ushering in the new 09 summer season and have you updated your summer wardrobe with any fun new pieces? If not, the huge Anthropologie sidewalk sale started yesterday.

So what happened, you wonder?

Ahh…kittens….I might have hit a new low yesterday. And ironically, just when I was feeling quite confident and pleased with myself.

Did I linger in the kitchen a bit too long over my coffee, pretending like I didn’t hear my girls calling me?

Oh no….who doesn’t do that?

Did I pretend to be showering and instead loiter in my bedroom while typing away on KT and leave my DH to deal with the two kiddos who were both all fired up?

Oh no…that might be happening right now.

Well, first, what did I do that had me feeling all warm and fuzzy and proud?

It’s the little things that are the big things. I got to DD1’s soccer practice ON TIME – organized – with a well-fed and happy baby and DD1 in a good mood, with her soccer ball, prepared to participate in soccer practice and not hang around me the entire time.  This, dear friends, is an enormous accomplishments. I brought lunch for our picnic after soccer, I had them both dressed appropriately for this confusing spring weather, I even scored a sweet parking spot. Life was so good.

And then it all came crashing down…literally.

Oh, you got it. My baby came crashing down.

I brought our old stroller yesterday, not the double stroller. It had been a while since I’d set that stroller up but that was the one that was in my trunk, so it came with us. I wrestled with it and kicked it a bit but finally got it set up, got both kiddos out of the car, loaded DD2 into the stroller, and we started walking towards the field.

DD1 was ahead of us and I was busy reading my emails and pushing DD2, what else, right?
I need to sneak in personal email time when I can.

Then all of a sudden- I was that mother pushing her baby and reading her email when suddenly her baby was on the concrete slab.

Oh yes.

Apparently I really didn’t set up the stroller correctly – and in slow-motion – as these things always seem to happen as you watch in utter disbelief, the stroller collapsed and started folding into itself, and out rolled DD2, out of the stroller, onto the concrete walkway.

Yes, other mothers stood and watched.

While I was still half-reading my email and incredulous as to what was happening.

Apparently I am no stroller-engineer.

DD2 started screaming bloody murder. DD1 ushered to her side trying to console her and well, I sorta couldn’t believe it.

How’s that for a doozer?

DD2 is totally fine. Not a scrape or scratch on her. It really did happen in slow motion – and I knew she was just scared and well, I was a total freaking idiot.

So much for being on time and organized.

Just when you get all confident and pleased with yourself…..reality gives you a little tap on the shoulder……


4 Responses to “DENIED”

  1. ABP Says:

    Good thing is DD2 is fine. I know how you feel. Despite our efforts to secure our basement door (with the child proof door handle and the auto shut device) husband went downstairs and the door did not completely latch closed. Little toddler fingers were able to pry the door open and proceeded to take the expressway down the steep stairs. As you can imagine the incident was traumatic on us all (I can still hear the sound of my little bundle of joy bouncing down the stairs) thankfully our little one was fine. God made these kiddos resilient – thank goodness! You are not alone KT – S&#! just happens despite our best efforts.

  2. Marinkina Says:

    1 п. “Не имей сто друзей, а имей сто шекелей” тоже хорошо рифмуется 🙂
    8 п. Ты никогда не потеряешь работу. Когда закончатся фотографии можно размещать рисунки (да хоть бы и конкурс объявить на лучший рисунок Одри (-:), аппликации и фотографии поделок из пластилина…
    9 п. Сто пудов ! 🙂

  3. Ferinannnd Says:

    Такой пост и распечатать не жалко, редко такое найдешь в инете, спасибо!

  4. Avertedd Says:

    Действительно удивили и порадовали 🙂 Никогда не поверил бы, что даже такое бывает 🙂

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