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It’s a pandemic people May 14, 2009

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And I’m not talking about the swine flu. Though it reminds me – what happened to the swine flu? I mean – the terrorist threat level had practically been elevated – there was like media hysteria – and then it’s gone. It just dropped off the face of the news – did it go away?  Was I dreaming?

Anyhoo – this entry is not about swine. Though the guilty parties are swine.

Oh holler…..I’m totally calling you out – lame parents, you. You know who you are.

You are the parent who takes the child to the playground and then pretends like you are on a social outing as a solo adult. Like suddenly you’ve been transported to the W Hotel in Union Square at freaking happy hour.

I’m sorry, is the park now a person not a place? Is the slide your nanny? Oh, that’s right, I forgot – you are too busy socializing to remember that your kid is creating havoc on the playground or yielding an enormous tree branch and swinging it around at other toddlers because it’s not  your problem any more. You are busy talking.

Yes, we all really think you are important.

We all know these parents. The ones who don’t make sure their kids take turn on the swings, who don’t reprimand their kid for climbing up the slide the wrong way and causing a near disaster for the poor kid that’s innocently sliding down the right way.

Or my personal fav – the people that go to someone else’s house for a social gathering and then just go enjoy themselves over some cocktails and figure their kid is the responsibility of anyone else who is paying attention.

It doesn’t matter where you live or how much money you have, or probably used to have, you know exactly the parent I’m talking about. Now, I know I’m not that parent. And you know you’re not that parent. But someone else is immediately coming to mind as you are reading this and let me guess, you might even be getting a little fired up……

Recall, I called these people swine.  I’m right there with you.

So who are they? And who is calling them out?

If you recall from my Bunnyland entry a few weeks ago – I was pretty passive aggressive about it with all the lazy as hell moms hanging around the bikes. My trouble then was there was just too many guilty parties.

So I’m voting we start calling these people out. I’ve done it before on the playground. My favorite was when some kid was telling DD1 that she couldn’t go down the slide because she would die if she did – and attempted to shove her. You better believe that mom who thought her daughter was so cute because she wasn’t paying the slightest bit of attention,  got a total KT earful.  FYI – so did the kid (which is another interesting topic – when is it OK to yell at someone else’s kid? or is it not ever OK?)

Back to the lazy parents, maybe in a more personal setting something along the lines of  “Hey, could you keep your eye on little Sally, she’s getting into the hot charcoals over at the grill and it might not end well?”

Or something along those lines……

If you are a guilty parent, and you know who you are – guess what – your kid is always your responsibility – not the park’s or the slide’s or the other parents busy with their own twerps. If you don’t feel like watching your kid, then hire a nanny.



I vote we band together and call these people out – I’m tired of it. My own kids are enough work – the last thing I feel like doing is handling anyone else’s.


4 Responses to “It’s a pandemic people”

  1. 2tomother Says:

    You go girl! I’m right beside you, sista! I don’t mind being the mean mom, and many times my kids are supportive… even pointing out who I should be talking to! hee hee!

    The point is, you and I are teaching our kids that our actions do have consequences, and they have to check themselves to be sure what they are doing is not only safe for them, but safe for the others around them. I constantly tell my kids (and the kids in my Pre-K class) “A good leader makes good decisions for her/him self and for the others around them.” That includes physical, social and emotional safety.

    Now that I think about it, it is obviously not a lesson any of the leaders of our bankrupt corporations learned very well.

  2. Emma Says:

    WOW KT…. both barrels! 🙂 Good for you! And yes, I hate those parents too. My peeve is the indoor playgrounds at malls!

  3. motherofoneandsoontobe2halfasianboys Says:

    thank you for summing up my exact thoughts.

  4. 2tomother Says:

    BTW, it’s not just toddlers and preschoolers. I’ve been dealing with High School kids all week wanting to rent my log cabin to party in for prom night.

    Hot charcoal/ alcohol/drugs/ sex/ trashing other people’s property… The stakes get higher the older the kids get. I’m sure that if anything happened to these “precious kids” while at my lodge, I would kiss my quality of life, all assets and any future for my own kids, good bye.

    Where ARE the parents? I can’t even find them to yell at them!

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