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Muffin Top – Friend or Foe? April 22, 2009

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It’s possible that I just don’t remember, but I feel like the left-over pregnancy weight is bothering me more this time than the first go round. Who knows, maybe the first time I just figured it’s part of what happens and I’d lose it all in time. Maybe I loved my muffin top back then. Or again, maybe I just don’t remember.

But it’s really bothering me this time. Me and my MT really aren’t getting alone so well. I’ve actually lost  much of her quicker this time – more discipline and more hectic life – but these last almost 10 pounds are driving me nuts. And I feel like all I see around me are women who have recently had babies and yet it doesn’t look like they’ve ever had an extra pound on them. How is this possible? How do people return to their pre-pregnancy bodies within 8 weeks of delivery? Do they starve themselves? Can they possibly be hitting the gym for hours at a time? Or is it just me that has the problem? Does my MT just love me more?

What puzzles me most is exactly why this is bothering me so much this time when I knew what to expect?  I really don’t know.  It’s not like the MT isn’t an old friend. Or Enemy. Let’s agree that we are frenemies.

It could be as simple as I want to just wear all my old clothes without a belly hanging over – it really might not be any more complicated than that – and I generally just have less patience now.  Or maybe I’m just pissed off that people can seemingly lose all that weight because they have better metabolisms – that could easily chap a tired person’s ass.

Setting all that aside, maybe I should learn to love my MT…..she’s a tribute to the two fantastic kiddos I’ve brought into this world….or maybe we can all discuss the horrible things that pregnancy and delivery do to our bodies. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not likely to wax poetic about the beauty of life and pregnancy…’s much more colorful to discuss leaking pee, stretch marks and horrible droopy boobs, now isn’t it?

My OB, a mother of two herself, warned me that losing the remaining weight would just be harder the second time around. Medically, she couldn’t say why, she just knew from experience. Of course, my mom pointed out multiple times that once the balloon stretches, well, it sorta doesn’t go back. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking to parade around in a string bikini, like f’ing Heidi Klum will be able to do after she births yet another child…..I guess I can just see the merit to the post-babies mom surgery that everyone talks about.

I know I’m not alone in wanting the mom surgery. But seeing as how that ain’t gonna happen, I’ll just keep plucking away at the old MT….and try to appreciate her for what she  is until she’s gone. If she ever leaves me. Me and my trusted MT.


3 Responses to “Muffin Top – Friend or Foe?”

  1. Emma Says:

    I’ve yet to figure out why my MT won’t leave me either. True, I only have the one child, but damn has it stayed around. Not to mention the c-section scar doesn’t help things either. I’m thinking that the surgical aspect of a c-section somehow affects how your body goes back. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    And DH said that if I really wanted a mommy makeover than I can do it.. just not now. 🙂

  2. treemachine Says:

    it took a year for my MT to go away-

    and…whoever says breastfeeding is such a great way to shed the weight – is LYING! i gained weight while breastfeeding

    hope all is well! i love your blog!


  3. ABP Says:

    Just make sure that you don’t sport really low cut jeans. They can accentuate your muffin top and increase the probability of having your coin slot also on display when picking up babies, toys, etc.

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