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Misanthrope Stay-At-Home Mom April 20, 2009

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OK – so I’ve completed two full weeks as a SAHM. And guess what? I’m a total misanthrope.

This hit me the other day as I rounded the corner to the park, spotted a playdate going on around lunch time, filled with toddlers and moms – playing and having a picnic.

Sure, it looked real nice.

Let me tell you, I wanted no part in it. Am I alone in this people? I swear, I am pretty sure I got past “Hi, my name is ” after the first week of my freshman year of college. I really have no interest in it. Should this bother me, I wondered? I mean – I am a social gal. I love to gab, I love to gossip, I generally don’t like being alone.

But I’ll be damned if I’m going to seek out some kind of playgroup and start introducing myself to people. I think this might be weird on my end. But see- I don’t care.

I figure – if I know you and like you already – then super, let’s hang out. If I don’t know you – then I really don’t have any more room in my brain for any new people. I’d rather go read online about celeb gossip or think about what I’ll eat for dinner.

I think this is also why I hate Facebook and refuse to join. F that. If you don’t already have my email – then forget it – I don’t want you to find me. There’s a reason we don’t talk anymore. If I already talk to you on email, why do I also need to talk to you on Facebook? Can I start a “facebook is for teens” movement? Will you join me?

Is it possible to be an extroverted, outgoing, misanthrope? Because if there’s a category for that person in the Myers Briggs – then that is totally MOI.

Playdates be damned.


4 Responses to “Misanthrope Stay-At-Home Mom”

  1. Emma Says:

    I love it! This is hysterical. I feel the same way. If I don’t know you or your kid then why do I need more friends, I’m not to keen on strangers.

    After taking my DS to music class and being snubbed and degraded for being a working momma, I said the hell with it.

    Good for you! Playdate soon? 🙂

  2. oldladyhavingahalfasianbaby Says:

    hey, kitty.. I was with you last week when we happened upon the lunching moms (remember one had McDonalds and we whole-heartedly approved of her lunch choice?).. anywho, i luved that I’m not the only one not interested in picking up other moms at the park or wherever.. my sister had an annoying playdate today where the mother spelled entire sentences.. lost my sis every single time.. who has the time or energy..

    now, about fbook.. i will continue to badger you until you are a broken woman.. i luv my fbook!

  3. Asti Says:

    I hear you too on this one! I already have a hard enough time keeping up with the friends I currently have, so I don’t need more friends to make it even harder. And I am also not one for smalltalk, so why event begin to strike up random conversation, which I find most other moms like to do. DH thinks I am rude and anti-social, I say I am just not being fake!

  4. Tea Says:

    I thought I was the only one who has no interest in joining “playgroups”! It seems to me like it’s made up of women who in high school were super friendly and clung to the new kid because they had no other friends. You know the kind, nice but have nothing interesting to say.
    Okay, if you refuse to join FB, what about Twitter? I’m not on there but if you are or were to get on, I would consider it. But back to FB, I too thought it was for people hanging on to their teenie years, but it’s so not. People who are against FB are like the people who said they were against cell phones back in the 90s. The best part about FB are the pictures! That way we could not only read about DD1 and DD2 but we could see pictures of them and get pictures of the terrible mom not getting little Johnny off the tricycle at Bunnyland!
    Uhmm, but I guess if you WANTED to post pictures you could probably do it on your blog… but that’s besides the point.

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