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Day Three April 8, 2009

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Greetings from Desperate  Housewife-Land……

In case you were curious, it definitely doesn’t feel real yet that I’m unemployed – I’m not sure when the reality will sink in…but so far, it just feels like – well – life is better when you don’t have to commute!

Many of you thought I would cry on my last day…..mais non kittens – not a tear was shed as I left my celebratory cake sending-off party and headed out the door. One BFF asked if I felt like lighting a match and shouting “burn in hell!” on my way out – but I really didn’t feel angry or aggressive towards my employer or colleagues – so I didn’t do that. Though I totally know why this BFF feels that way. This same person also said that when she emptied out her office, she felt like she was getting rid of a disease – and I would have to agree with that. I was shedding my bubonic plague as I pitched 5.5 years worth of stuff from my office. That part really did feel great.

Beyond that – things are going well. I would be lying through my teeth if I said I don’t miss our nanny and how she kept our house clean and tidy – but whatever.

I made some rookie mistakes on my first outing alone with the two girls on Monday….of course my first week home has to be spring break – right? So we have to get out and do lots of things…and of course it has to be freezing and cold. Anyhow – seems like in mommy-hood, things like fairs and festivals take cash – not debit cards – and I’m the gal who never has cold hard cash on me – so note to self – start stealing from husband’s wallet at night.

Also – i had forgotten how when driving long distances with a baby, one must have a few easily accessible passies. See – now that I mentioned that, you forgot that bit too, didn’t you? uh huh. And as it turns out, toddlers are really quite helpful when driving up a highway with a baby screaming her head off- except the part where their little gumby arms can’t quite reach the passie either.

My dad finds it amusing to ask me how the teachers in my “women’s crap studies classes” would feel knowing that I’ve left my job to become June Cleaver….he thinks this is so funny. Truthfully, I don’t know and I don’t care, but seeing as how I’m already busy with freelance work from my job – I don’t really feel like my brain is clogged with only thoughts on feeding schedules, toddler poop and preschool art projects – though I have trouble getting the “Toot &  Puddle” theme song out of my  head. But let’s be honest, even as a working mom, my brain was mainly clogged with thoughts on what my next meal would be, where I would shop next online and what the latest celeb gossip might be…….

So with that, I will keep you posted on life in the motherhood…….


One Response to “Day Three”

  1. Emma Says:

    I’m glad you are having fun. Yes, the passie bit does suck. I started keeping them in the cupholder 😉

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