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The Unfamous Angelina? February 4, 2009

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OK seriously – you had to know I was going to go here – in fact, I think pundit dad is anticipating this one….

But 14 children? For real? Does this woman want to be Angelina Jolie? WTF

FOURTEEN CHILDREN??? I need a stiff drink and an IV of caffeine just thinking about it.

I really can’t seem to get enough of this story – and now my obsession grows as I see she has hired a spokeswoman – and a terrible one at that – only further proving that this woman, Nadia Sulaman, has terrible judgement.

So we don’t know the full story, I get that – but what we do know is that she already has 6 children and then went and got implanted with 8 embryos through IVF and now has 14 children. So, who in  their right might wants and seeks out having that many children, with the exception of Brad and Angie?

But we know they can afford it. This woman lives in a house with her parents and its like 3 bedrooms. WTF. I just can’t understand why she would seek out having additional children – is she obsessed with motherhood? And how can she afford all this IVF? I don’t have time to research what kind of coverage the state of CA gives you for IVF – like do they cover it in full or something? But under what conditions? Clearly a 33 year old woman who already has 6 children doesn’t technically “need” IVF. And then – why would a doctor implant her with 8 embryos? WTF.

Are the rumors true that she is trying to make money off this? like how? Selling her children? Is that legal? “How much for your baby?” – is that what she’s expecting?

And media – let’s take a stand – don’t give her what she wants. She clearly wants to make money off the interview. Don’t give it to her. Sorta like the tongue lashing Obama gave the hideous fat pigs on Wall Street who are still giving themselves bonuses after taking our dollars for a bailout – let’s stand up against this woman – don’t give her what she wants. Why should she profit off of this? Who is to say her children are going to benefit from her making money from an interview? We are all already relishing in questioning her judgment and just generally judging her – so let’s continue that speculation with a guess here – she cannot be trusted.

How are her children benefitting already? Look – I’m struggling to give fair amounts of attention to 2 kids, so how does one do it with 6? But then 14? At what point should a fertility specialist be expected to spot a psychological issue in a woman and refrain from helping a woman have more children and instead refer her to the local shrink? The state surely shouldn’t step in on behalf of a woman’s body but one wonders about her other children before these 8 were born.

I have countless more questions….but alas….must get back to my day. Let me know what you think….anyone else want 14 kiddos out there?


3 Responses to “The Unfamous Angelina?”

  1. ABP Says:

    Do I want 14 kids? Uh, let me think about that…. NO! I have one rambunctious toddler who if I turn my head for one second he is hanging upside from the chandelier. I cant imagine 8 of them doing that. Ms. Sulaman probably sat around watching John and Kate plus 8, the Duggars with 18 kids and the other shows about big families and thought – cha ching! For me those shows serve as good birth control. Clearly the woman has a screw loose – it’s not fair to her kids or her parents (of whom she lives with) and it’s not fair to us. Though I have very generous friends who have given me clothes and toys, etc., I don’t see anyone raising donations for me and my family (if anyone want too they can). How is she paying for the medical bills, how is she going to pay for other things? Will taxpayers like us have to ultimately bail her out?

  2. HumanTeam Says:

    As nutty as I think Angelina is she can afford to have the brood of hers.

    This woman cant.

    it just gives me the shivers for future possibilities…

  3. baybee27 Says:

    totally irresponsible!! i want to cry for her other children. not to mention that the eight children will have delays from prematurity.

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