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When You’re Bored…. January 24, 2009

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“When you’re bored, give me a call back,” my sister said to me last night when I told her I couldn’t talk. She called around 6:45pm, I was trying to wrap up dinner for DD1, a feeding for DD2, wondering where the hell DH was, and my mind was drifting towards the two bath times and bed times I wanted to wrap up by 8:30.

Her words really struck me. “When you’re bored..”


When was the last time I was bored? More importantly, when in the hell will I find myself bored again?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I was probably plenty bored the last time I was at work, toiling away behind my desk, but setting aside painful meetings and generally lame time spent at work – when was the last time I was bored? When was the last time you were bored? Can’t remember? Didn’t think so.

So while I faked like I was giving full attention to dinner, I began to wonder, when will I be bored again? 10 years from now? hell no…both girls will be teens….I’m sure I’ll be plenty of things, but not bored.

15 years from now?


But how old will I be then?

And can my sister wait 15 years for me to call her back?


So here I am, kittens, finally back with you…I know you have missed moi as it’s been over two months…and certainly by now you know that I have a beautiful second red-headed daughter who is 8 weeks tomorrow. Time f’ing flies.

And we know we’re not bored (work time excluded).

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked if it’s twice as much work. With the first child, everyone seemed to want to know how she slept (crappy compared to this one), with the second, everyone wants to know if it’s twice as much work. Well, only those who don’t have two yet ask that question.

I really can’t answer that question because it seems too hard to quantify but I’ve given it loads of thought because lord knows I wondered as much before the 30th of November when DD2 was born.

We all know I think mobility and certainly talking are over-rated – so I reserve the right to weigh in that it is twice, if not four times, as much work down the road. For now, here are my thoughts – I think that there is like zero down time now. I used to think I didn’t really have down time but as it turns out, with one, you actually probably have more down time than you realize – it’s just relative because you have way LESS down time than you did sans enfants. Well, with two, you realize how much down time you had with just one because suddenly that down time is filled with other things – like changing more diapers or doing way  more laundry or nursing or wondering how you haven’t eaten lunch yet at 3pm (yet despite no time for lunch, you still look a few months preggo. Life is cruel).

But at the same time, I love it. I’m definitely not complaining but I am not ready to say it’s double the work yet – it’s just more work. And more fun.

I have way more to say – but this is my precious down time and I’ve got tons of other things to be doing – so more later, kittens. Until then, let’s all just be happy that Bush is finally gone and the beloved Obama family is now occupying 1600 PA Ave. I mean really – did that take long enough or what?

Oh – me and a KT BFF had our picture taken with Ben Affleck and he’s unbelievably hot in person. Holy shit…..and tall. A tall, dark, drink of water….way to go Jenny Garner is what I have to say to her…..