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Our New First Lady November 12, 2008

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I know I am not alone in being completely jazzed about watching Michelle Obama become our First Lady in January….and learning more about the issues that she will take up. She has already communicated her interest in the issues facing working moms/parents. That aside, I also know that I am not alone in getting completely wrapped up in Michelle the woman – what she is wearing – whether or not I like it, etc. For the record, LOVED the red dress she wore to the White House on Monday.

That said, I stumbled upon this piece in Salon and encourage you to read it – it is very interesting. On some things, I think the reporter is being very harsh but it’s what Barack himself writes in one of his books about the choices made by his wife and her struggling between balancing work and motherhood – and his role in that as her husband – that might have interested me the most. Give it a read.

And also kittens, Baby #2 could arrive any day now – so I realize I have been MIA and well – let’s be honest, I’m really going to redefine MIA for a while once she is born – so bear with me. You know I come back to you as soon as I can…..


2 Responses to “Our New First Lady”

  1. chrissy Says:

    this is my favorite blog for watching our stylish first lady’s fashion trends:

  2. King Says:

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