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Our New First Lady November 12, 2008

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I know I am not alone in being completely jazzed about watching Michelle Obama become our First Lady in January….and learning more about the issues that she will take up. She has already communicated her interest in the issues facing working moms/parents. That aside, I also know that I am not alone in getting completely wrapped up in Michelle the woman – what she is wearing – whether or not I like it, etc. For the record, LOVED the red dress she wore to the White House on Monday.

That said, I stumbled upon this piece in Salon and encourage you to read it – it is very interesting. On some things, I think the reporter is being very harsh but it’s what Barack himself writes in one of his books about the choices made by his wife and her struggling between balancing work and motherhood – and his role in that as her husband – that might have interested me the most. Give it a read.

And also kittens, Baby #2 could arrive any day now – so I realize I have been MIA and well – let’s be honest, I’m really going to redefine MIA for a while once she is born – so bear with me. You know I come back to you as soon as I can…..


Obamas in the House November 6, 2008

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Seriously…I know I have been remiss in posting – I hate when work gets in the way.

So – how about that amazing election night? The outcome? The speech from Obama? The fabulous and adorable First Family up on the stage? I’ve never actually teared up before but man did I tear up hearing what President-Elect Obama had to say. I think we’ve all noticed the almost euphoria erupting from this election – is there anything more I can say about it that is original? Even the international reaction is the same – my parents were part of an all-night election party in the Hague where the Prime Minister of Holland was in attendance, along with Parliament Members. I mean – the fact that this was so internationally followed amazes me. And everyone is joyous.

But how about a few other noteworthy outcomes beyond just the Oval Office.

Can we give a shout-out to the two new female Senators, giving a net gain of one female Senator and the all-time high of now 17 female Senators? Very exciting that Jeanne Shaheen ousted Sununu in New Hampshire and is now the first female Senator representing the state. And really – Kay Hagan defeating Elizabeth Dole is cool. But did Elizabeth even make that hard? Doesn’t seem like it.

And I have to just give a general shout-out to the Old Dominion…bringing home the blue…including a blue governor. Nice work Virginia – I frankly had my doubts and certainly won’t be moving over the bridge from my safe-haven liberal Maryland but at least can no longer mock my sisters for living in a red state.

And speaking of red states,┬áthen there’s good old Alaska. As if Palin hasn’t done enough to ruin everyone’s impression of the poor state but then its residents go and re-elect a convicted felon? Huh? Really? They love Uncle Ted that much up there? It is non-sensical to me because we all know the Senate is just going to oust him anyway.

I say this to you Alaska – WTF.

At least Ohio is no longer dead to me. Ohio has been dead to me for so long. But it’s back. Ohio has proven itself worth of some good old KT lovin’ now.

I attended a post-election lunch yesterday where Gwen Ifill and Charlie Cook gave their thoughts. Most of what they said, we’d all heard them say on TV already – but one of them made two points that really stuck with me. I think it was Cook.

The first was just a general observation that Obama campaigned for two years and in that two years – he uttered one wrong word – that was in the off-the-record fundraiser in SF where he commented on people in PA and OH being “bitter.” Look – one mis-step in the span of two years keeping up a schedule and pace like that is remarkable. I bow to him. (In case you haven’t noticed).

The other observation was about his campaign. Unlike most other campaigns, we never once heard about the in-fighting, the leaks, the drama – which is partly what makes following campaigns fun – at least for gossip mongers like myself. The McCain campaign sure made the leaks on Palin being a diva fun in the final stretch. But Cook is right – the Obama campaign was rock solid – frankly that reminds me of the discipline of the Bush campaigns – rock solid, on message, no f’ing around.

I’m optimistic that these two things just reinforce the hello – MANDATE – that the people gave to Obama on Tuesday night.

I don’t know about you but January can’t come fast enough. It’s been a long 8 years.