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The Final Debate October 16, 2008

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I’m sure I’m not the only one who is glad the presidential debates are now done. Last night’s debate didn’t reveal a lot of new insights into either candidate, I thought Obama continued to demonstrate how calm, cool and collected he is no matter how aggressively he is being attacked. And for anyone watching on a split-screen, I think there is no doubt that McCain is a grumpy old man who can barely contain himself.

That being said, in the final thirty minutes of the final debate, FINALLY an issue directly related to women’s issues was raised – it’s about freaking time people. I mean -all hail Bob Schieffer for thinking outside the box and asking some different questions last night – and I was thrilled when he raised the issue of Roe V. Wade and appointing Supreme Court Justices. Amen brother. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the outcome of this election is vitally important because the next new president will either tilt the Supreme Court to being completely conservative and republican or will help maintain some balance with their appointees.

In case you were dozing off by this late hour, I’d like to be sure that you all noticed the part where McCain sneered and mocked Obama, in his attempt to cow-tail to the extreme right pro-lifers, and mocked the importance of “the health of the mother.”

Ahh yes….that funny old thing about the health of a pregnant woman…..I had forgotten about how freaking HILARIOUS that is because it’s so unimportant when instead considering the vitality and strength of the fetus. Indeed, silly me. Silly Obama. Silly us – whatever were we thinking to care about the health of a pregnant woman?

In case you missed it, here’s a link:


So far, I’ve enjoyed this succinct recap of last night’s debates the most:

Soon we’ll need to return to talking about DD as she approaches her third birthday and some thoughts I have on a second pregnancy as it’s nearing an end….but I had to just get the McCain sneers off my chest first…..


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