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Turning the Tables on Palin October 2, 2008

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I’m sure you’ve noticed how I’ve been conspicuously quiet on Palin. Frankly, I felt like she was doing enough talking for the both of us. What more can I say, as she blabs her way, embarassingly, through endless interviews with Katie Couric? Isn’t she telling her own story now, I thought, isn’t it painfully obvious to anyone paying attention that this woman is NOT equipped to be Vice President…and worse…President of the United States?

But you know it’s getting bad when the rock solid conservatives are turning on her – and that’s when I really start laughing – LOUD – as we are one month away from election day.

In a KT first….I am going to provide to you a link to the right-wing National Review…can it get more conservative than this….calling on Palin to step aside:

I’ll try to refrain from mocking the journalist for her naivete in just hopping on the Palin bandwagon because she is a woman, rather than realizing this Governor of a state with the population the size of BALTIMORE is not equipped for the job. Among other obvious signs.

But she’s not alone. George Will and David Brooks, renown conservative columnists, are also publicly questioning Palin’s role in this campaign and McCain’s decision-making process.

Are the republicans turning into democrats? They are finally breaking from within and speaking out against each other…something they never do and the D’s are so freaking quick to do? It sure seems that way and my oh my….is it ever fun to watch.

Bottom line – Palin is an embarassment of a VP choice. She is way out of her league and it’s a shame that the first female Republican VP nominee isn’t someone who is qualified….like Kay Bailey Hutchinson.

Anyhoo, no one expects Palin to even make a coherent independent sentence all on her own tonight, so on the off chance that she is able to clear up all the talking points swirling around in her head and get one out, she’ll be praised as victor of the debate. With expectations so very low on her, Biden doesn’t stand a chance….but that’s an issue I’ll take up with the media on another day.

In the meantime, I want to leave you with a few links. One is to a piece on – to which I cannot agree with more – the freaking pity party being heaped on Palin right now b/c she’s incompetent and out of her league, give me a break!

Another is to the differences of opinion and breadth of knowledge between Palin and Biden based on interviews with Katie Couric, this is an important read, if you missed it:

And finally, the follow-up piece from National Review’s Kathleen Parker in yesterday’s Washington Post about the column where she called for Palin to step aside:

Have fun tuning in tonight, kittens!


2 Responses to “Turning the Tables on Palin”

  1. punditdad Says:

    Palin didn’t embarrass herself but she was nervous, excited and a bit rushed. Biden was good and attacked McCain with no major gaffes. I would say that Biden clearly won the debate but for perception, this was as good a debate as the McCain campaign could hope for: do no more harm, which it didn’t. As for who seemed to be the best person to be President of the United States should anything happen to the head of the ticket, I think you’d have to be a fucking idiot to say that Sarah Palin is ready on day one. David Brooks and George Will agree. Why? They know John McCain is going to lose big time and they have reputations to protect AFTER this election is over. Overall, Palin survives and can go back to her cocoon of extreme religious conservatives who agree that the world is 10,000 years old, that democracy is possible in many middle eastern countries and that McCain is a “de-regulator”. Next!

  2. Wyldirishman Says:

    Just look what you get when you lower expectations enough….

    I have read some places that it was close??

    Since when is not F*ing up the same as make cogent points. And at a debate aren’t you supposed to answer the moderator?

    Silly me. Here is hoping that the rest of America is paying attention.

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