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HMW Seeking 1HS September 23, 2008

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You might be wondering what it is, I’m seeking, exactly.

Well, as die-hard KT fans know (and there are thousands of you), almost two years ago I blogged about being a Happily Married Wife (HMW) in search of well, a wife:

Right now, my demands are much less, my expectations much lower, perhaps parenthood continues to get the best of me and beat me down, who knows. This time around, I’m just a HMW seeking 1 Hour of Sleep. (1HS)

Why? you ask.

Let me tell you.

Seems that the disposal of the passie has worked out just great for DD but not so awesome for DH and myself. In fact, on Sunday night we jokingly (though secretly not jokingly) talked about giving her back the passie just to get that one more hour of sleep.

You got it kittens, DD has resorted to her old baby-like ways and now rises for the day EVERY DAY in the 5am hour. There is no coaxing her back to sleep, or coaxing her into our bed, or even zoning out in front of “Diego.”

She is up and raring to go. She wants to PLAY!

The cruel twist of fate! Who would have guessed that by torturing her with forcing her to bid adieu to her beloved passie, she would turn the tables on us and torture us, seemingly indefinitely.  Ahh, the wily and unexpected tricks of the toddler-set. They are always one-step ahead, those toddlers.

The regular 5am wake up is catching up to both of us. Last night after dinner my DH quietly disappeared, after a while, I began to wonder where he was. It was 8:15pm.

Oh, he was in bed sleeping, with all the lights on, faking like he really wasn’t down for the night.

Probably dreaming of passie fairies making their grand and unexpected return to our home, delivering that one big wish we have, just one more hour of sleep.

Anyhow – clearly we aren’t giving her back the passie so that we can sleep an hour longer. But you better believe that I am looking into resurrecting Mothers Against Daylight Savings (MADS – remember that from last year: because it will, of course, become a 4am wake-up call for at least one week after the time changes.

All of this with the arrival of the new baby sister on the horizon.

Sleep is clearly over-rated and we are just getting ready for the continued loss of it chez moi, apparently……


4 Responses to “HMW Seeking 1HS”

  1. punditdad Says:

    Brutal! Brutal!

    I say that because DD is sleeping from 6:30 PM to 730 AM every night and ANY time that changes I go berserk. I should be thankful but I’m not! If she doesn’t nap for at least 2 hours in the morning I totally steamed. We get too accustomed to our own lives sometimes!

    How about that effin’ bailout Kitty? Do you approve? King Henry? A lot of funny accounting so a bunch of suits can get their Ferrari’s and yachts in the Caymans if you ask me. Barny Frank is the only person standing between those f*ckers and a trillion dollars. My money is on Frank.

  2. DC Says:

    KT – I admire you standing strong despite the early wake up calls. I fear if I were in your shoes I would have staged a surprise return visit from the passie fairy days ago….or maybe a visit from the sleeping fairy who provides fun prizes to all little girls who sleep quietly until 6am!

  3. Asti Says:

    Okay the part about DH trying sneaking a nap away, cracks me up!

  4. chrissy Says:

    you just can’t win! now that you have a wife (moi) you lose out on sleep…is it all a matter of checks and balances? is it a matter of giving la grande dame (your DD) full reign once and for all? I completely feel for you.

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