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Let’s be clear: A vote for Palin is NOT a vote for Hillary September 2, 2008

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Greetings kittens –

I know I ended my last post expressing my boredom and ennui with the announcement surrounding McCains’ VP pick. I have to hand it to the old geezer, he sure did take us all by surprise. Though I’m not convinced it’s the kind of surprise that’s going to do him any good in the end.

My brain has been reeling since Friday over this selection and I have so much to say, I can barely even figure out where to begin.

So let’s break it down, kittens, shall we? Oh, and trust me, the kitty’s claws are out over this one.

The biggest comment I need to make and shout from the rooftops and hopefully not have to repeat over and over and over again between now and November (because if I do, this phrase might be my unborn child’s first words), a vote for Palin is NOT a vote for Hillary. A vote for Palin is NOT a vote for change. A vote for Palin is like a vote for Pat Buchanan or Ralph Reed or Rush Limbaugh or any other scary, evangelical extreme conservative old man that has been running his mouth off all these years.

Palin does NOT represent change just because she has a vagina. And it is so incredibly patronizing that anyone might actually believe that this selection will motivate the female voters that were previously on the Hillary bandwagon – and that these women, like lemmings, with their bras burning, will just switch teams to the McCain camp because all they care about is having a vagina in the Oval Office.

Give me a break, obnoxious McCain camp. I’m wiping the throw-up from my mouth and say this to you – the mere fact that you even think that does NOTHING but demonstrate that your mind-set is just as patronizing, closed and obnoxious as that of the Bush administration – it presumes we are stupid and will abandon our ideals and values because we’ve been FOOLED.

Guess what. We’re not.

No Hillary supporter in her right freaking mind can possibly vote for an NRA-card carrying, hunting, pro-lifer who believes creationism should be taught along side evolution in public schools and who is AGAINST birth control (oh trust me, we’re going to go there in a minute, the irony!) and who voted for Pat Buchanan in 1996.

Remind me again, how is Palin representative of CHANGE? Cause frankly, I’m just disgusted. She’s just the same – but this time with a really annoying school marmish bun. And seriously – why the bun, Sarah? Why the bun? It’s just so wrong. You’re on the national platform now.

And with McCain seemingly ready to croak at any minute, this is the person he wants to leave in charge of our country? This person who just 18 months ago was a freaking mayor of a small town of 9,000 people in a back woods state that most people forget about (sorry dear KT BFFs from Alaska). For real?

THIS is the first major decision he’s made demonstrating his leadership as President? This? Is he on crack?

I haven’t even touched upon the huge ethics scandal facing her.

So again, before I get too side-tracked on the obvious other issues – I must repeat again, a vote for Palin is NOT a vote for Hillary and it is totally patronizing and hideous for anyone to think that it is.

I’m thinking I might need to spend the entire week discussing the complexity of her having a 5 month old with downs, along with a 17 year old who is 5 months pregnant and getting married (should we have her meet Lynn Spears, they can trade notes?), not to mention her three other children. I mean, I could even take a week discussing the irony that this woman spouts off her mouth AGAINST birth control and is branding herself as a good Christian, meanwhile her 17 year old is knocked up. Can we make this stuff up?

Need I mention how the republicans would have VILIFIED Hillary and Bill had Chelsea gotten pregnant while Bill was in office and she was a teen? Does anyone need to spend more than half-second focusing on how this would have branded the already evil, working mom, aggressive, opinionated Hillary as proof of the downfall of all that is liberal if Chelsea were knocked up? I mean, for real. And now they are trying to spin it that this is just another example of her good Christian beliefs, that her child is raising a baby.

Oh good. A baby raising a baby in Washington on the national platform. That sounds really productive for the 17 year old.

I think I have to just stop now and revisit all of this again and again and again for the remainder of the week.

So in summary: A vote for Palin is NOT a vote for change. It is a vote for the same. I’m just reeling that the McCain camp would think we’d be foolish enough to think otherwise.

Obama-Biden ’08


12 Responses to “Let’s be clear: A vote for Palin is NOT a vote for Hillary”

  1. WendyK Says:

    As a big ole feminist, I have issues with her taking on such a big responsibility with a new baby and teenager in crisis. I would feel the same if it were her husband. Seriously, people. What’s going on with the world?!? The Veep job is 24-7…and that’s not even considering the time and pressure of running for office.

  2. KBP Says:

    I agree with Wendy K. What is she thinking when her kids really need her right now? What great values. What if this whole thing is really a joke. My husband and I were chatting wondering if McCain is purposely trying to throw the race?What if he was never really serious or did not actually think he would become the Republican presidential nominee. Now he is saying holy S#$% I am really too old for this!

  3. This is Daniel Cook Says:

    You make great points. And I agree 100% – women with children are unfit for any elected office. Certainly her husband should not stay home and take care of the family. That’s a woman’s job. Onward big ole feminism!

  4. WendyK Says:

    Are you high Daniel Cook? Whatever meds you are on are not working. Please consult your physician.

  5. This is Daniel Cook Says:

    Psst! Pass the dutchie.

  6. mother of one half asian kid Says:

    Wouldn’t it have been interesting if Chelsea Clinton had gotten knocked up while her parents were in the White House?. Awesome.. Check out the pics of the prego drinking booze: hey, Sarah.. hypocrite much? I feel like this young woman is sticking it to her tight-ass mother..

  7. Lynnie Says:

    Sarah Palin is a Republican and that is reason enough (for me) not to vote for her. Any other fact I know about her is trumped by that one. I do not support most Republican policies.

    And I agree, oooooooooooooh, if that had been Chelsea I cannot imagine the scene!!!!! They would have found a way to impeach someone over that one for sure!

  8. punditdad Says:

    Palin can do the job but I don’t think the problem is her kid…these Palin’s are friggin off the boat Irish Catholics having children anytime they have sex! Apparently Grandma Palin was preggers with Track before she married Snowmachine Todd!

  9. jeannine Says:

    OK, so I happen to lean to the right – but not socially – so therefore I am just appauled by this choice on many levels.
    But I am also confused by the choice if it is meant to A. give a nod to the ladies and B. throw a bone to the social conservatives. If this was a way to appease the uber-socially conservative voters well, why would they vote for her? She is a mother of five who, if elected, will not be able to spend any time with her children. And obviously these are children who need some attention! Wouldn’t the ultra conservatives want her at home home schooling her kids and prepping them for the next spelling bee?

  10. This is Daniel Cook Says:

    Well of course she should be at home! She should be looking after her family in crisis! We all agree – kids first. These same questions should have been raised when Biden prepared to go to Washington as a freshman senator just as his young boys were seriously injured in a car crash that killed their mother and baby sister. Clearly a troubling time for those kids. Sure he took the train everyday but how often do you think he was there when they woke up and and went to bed? Maybe the media will grill him about his selfish choice.

  11. punditdad Says:

    Don’t feed the trolls.

  12. Arcadia Says:

    I find it incredibly insulting to see the right-wing wackos falling over themselves to explain Palin as the “perfect” choice for V.P. What would these same people be saying if Obama’s 17-yr-old daughter were pregnant? Do we even need to ask? Sarah Palin has the audacity to attack Obama as a “self-promotor” and all she talked about last night was herself and her “amazing” accomplishments. Nothing about the actual qualifications needed to be VP, ONE BAD BIOPSY AWAY FROM THE PRESIDENCY!!! Are we frickin’ mad????? Is this really my country?????

    Not to feed the stupid troll, but let’s intelligently consider the obvious question: why is Sarah’s responsibility as a mother of FIVE — TWO of which need special attention — different than a man’s would have been?

    1. Palin is establishing herself as a right-wing, ultra-conservative social agenda promotor. THAT party defines priorities for itself (and the rest of the frickin’ world if you let them), and those priorities claim to be that mothers take care of their children. That’s automatically assumed for most people anyway, but in this case we have a woman trying to tell the rest of us that she’s “better than us” and has the God-given right to tell the rest of us what to do. She wants to claim to be this perfect Christian wife and mother, and yet we can plainly see that she’s an incredible hypocrite.

    She obviously isn’t attending to the needs of her Down syndrome infant. She obviously isn’t raising exemplary teenagers. She obviously isn’t imparting right-wing morality to her 5 children, unless your definition of morality is “do as I say and not as I do.” This kind of hypocrisy is offensive to women all over the country, and it’s not because we believe all women should stay home.

    2. She slashed funding in Alaska for a teenage pregnancy shelter. Yes, I am not making this up. She cut the budget from $5 million down to $3.9 million because she’s a good right-wing Christian and doesn’t want to encourage that kind of “bad” behavior.

    3. It is not a new “left wing” invention to point out Palin’s long-standing membership in the Alaska Independence Party, a secessionist organization who believe Alaska was illegally obtain by the U.S. That fact was pointed out in numerous news articles way back when Palin was running for Governor, and even recently this past year in profile pieces about her. So, presumably, we are entertaining the notion of a woman who wants to be Supreme Leader of her country.

    That country just happens to be the Republic of Alaska.

    Is there any remaining doubt that the Republican party is the Party of Hypocrites? Watching them scramble to invent new praises of Palin is just disgusting. They really do think we’re all stupid. And frankly, if McCain’s poll numbers go up because of her, I’m inclined to agree with them.

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