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Obama Mamma August 29, 2008

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OK – first – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I am an Obama Mamma! How incredible was Barack last night? How perfect did his family look as they all came on stage? How amazing that there was 2-mile line to just get into the stadium to hear this historical address? How can anyone not be totally and completely jazzed about the campaign and watching him crush McCain in November?

With that, I’d like to turn our attention very quickly to the Grand Old Party today. Quite the conundrum they are facing. Sure, they have a convention starting in a few days…..but after botching Katrina three years ago and letting millions of people suffer, die, starve, pillage and rape, and doing nothing about it – can they DARE continue on with a convention and parties with a hurricane potentially barreling towards New Orleans again?

The very cynical evil side of me would love to just watch them proceed as planned. If the Democrats aren’t cranking out republican attack ads highlighting Katrina and the party’s complete inability to manage and handle a national disaster of epic proportions right now – then someone give me a seedy office in NE DC and some stock footage and I’ll get going. Christ, my daughter could bang out one of those right now.

All eyes are on the GOP now. What will they do? How will they handle this situation? Will they care about the poor people this time? Need I remind you how little they cared about the people the last time?

Does Karl Rove’s quote in today’s Washington Post give you any indication of what is important to this party? Even I was a little surprised with what he said – and at this point, being surprised by anything hideous Rove says takes a lot because well…he is the devil.

Here’s what he had to say:

Some Republicans bemoaned an apparent GOP curse when it comes to summer storms and noted the contrast between the approach of Gustav and the sunny weather in Denver for the Democrats. “The Republicans can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to August and when it comes to the weather,” said Karl Rove, a former Bush adviser, on Fox News yesterday.

Here’s the link in case you are evil enough to think I am actually making this up:

Now REALLY Karl Rove – REALLY – the horror scene of Hurricane Katrina and the potential for another hurricane barreling towards the Gulf Coast is, in fact, the sign of a GOP Curse?!?!?!? It is about the Republicans not “catching a break.”

Ahh yes. I’m sure the people living in the Gulf Coast feel REALLY sorry for the Republicans and how they just can’t seem to “catch a break” – this potential disaster is definitely about that. Way to be about the people.

With that, I am leaving soon for a weekend hurrah at the beach with DD and some dear KT BFFs. Wishing you all a fabulous Labor Day….and you better believe I will be watching with great interest to see how next week plays out though I have about zero interest in McCain’s VP choice.

Obama 08.


One Response to “Obama Mamma”

  1. jonolan Says:

    Let us not forget how horribly the mayor of New Orleans and the governor of Louisiana handled Katrina as well – or how thuggishly brutal and subhuman many of the residents of New Orleans were during the disaster.

    Fortunately it appears they’re readying ahead for an evacuation this time. It appears that the local and state government actually can learn if the lesson is painful enough.

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