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Sore Losers August 27, 2008

Filed under: Politics — Wired_Momma @ 7:44 pm

I think we all learned at a very young age that behaving badly when your team loses, is not a behavior that is tolerated. No one likes a sore loser.

Is anyone else irate and sick and tired of listening to the Hillary delegates bitch and moan at the convention about the fact that Obama is the nominee? It was a race, Hillary lost – we don’t care that she won 18 million votes. How do you think Al Gore feels? He won the freaking presidency but still lost.

The point is – Hillary is not the presumptive nominee. This is not new news. Obama is the man. Why – WHY – WHY are these f’ing people still complaining?
And how does non-stop media coverage of the rift in the democratic party, filled with threats of Hillary delegates and supporters to not support Obama – help anyone except McCain? You are playing into the hands of the republicans, dumb asses, is what I want to shout from my roof top.

I’m sorry people. Do you actually want another republican in office? Is there ONE THING you support about what President Bush has done for the country over the last 8 years? Does the endless war, the ridiculous gas prices, the economy in the recession and millions without health insurance mean less to you than the fact that Hillary isn’t the nominee?

I really can’t tolerate listening to these people gripe and complain like a bunch of babies. She lost. She put up a good fight. She paved a way for women, but Obama is also paving a way – so quit your griping. The republicans would NEVER act like this. You think the religious right really likes McCain?

Oh hell no.

But do you think we’re ever going to hear one of them threatening to vote for Obama because McCain has parted ways with the Republicans a few times in his long career?
Oh hell no.

These whining, complaining, annoying delegates and Hillary supporters encompass what is weak and vulnerable about the Democratic party and the very reason why McCain has an iota of a chance of winning despite the abysmal Republican track record over the course of the last 8 years. This election is only the Democrats to lose. Let’s quit our complaining people and start focusing on the Democratic party and the candidate – Obama.

The Hillary delegates and supporters that keep complaining and keep this story alive in the press are dead to me, just like Ohio is dead to me, after voting for Bush during the last two elections.


3 Responses to “Sore Losers”

  1. jim Says:

    A good editorial. I would say however that McCain is a lame brian liberal that is pro illegals which wipes him off my voting list.

  2. punditdad Says:

    Agree with your Kitty Klaws on all Kounts! I hope that effer McCain picks Leib or Ridge and the Xtreme Conservatives stay home and watch Deal or No Deal or World’s Biggest Loser on TeeVee on November 4th after a trip to Carl’s Jr. instead of voting.

    I can’t imagine how dreadful McCain’s acceptance speech is going to be….like smelling diapers after a week in 100 degrees.

  3. DC Says:

    Agree on all counts, KT! Though let me just say it here – love her or hate her, Ms. Hillary Clinton put on her big time game face and did an amazing job on her convention speech for Barack-O. this week I admired her poise and strength in that moment…. I think I actually liked her more during that speech then I did the entire campaign.

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