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Ever heard of this? July 22, 2008

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Ok kittens – today is my last post until next Wednesday. I am off to New Orleans tomorrow for work — and then am taking a long weekend. Based on the comments and high traffic from last week’s “The Girl Child” post – you better believe I will be writing a follow-up on that subject next week.

Today, I was going to just rant about some celebrity gossip, namely how in the hell is Nicole Kidman that thin so quickly and was she really even ever preggo? Or is Jenny Garner really five mos preggo? Cause I’m five mos preggo and well…we don’t look the same, no matter how similar our pre-pregnancy bodies are…..

But, then I stumbled upon this and frankly, I am speechless. I’m sure many of you recall quite fondly the ice pack you are given for your vag post-partum. Man I loved that thing. It was the only thing that made me feel better. Well..ever heard of vaginal popsicles?

I have nothing more to say.

A bientot. Look for me again next Wednesday.


2 Responses to “Ever heard of this?”

  1. Tea Says:

    I’m tempted to have another kid just to try out the vagi popsicles! It’s so true, those ice packs were fantastic and (almost) better than any valium or whatever pain medication it was they gave me!

  2. Editor Says:

    I’m not giving birth to more kids, but it sure is hot out here so I might try it anyway. It’s so darn hot I might be able to get my husband to try it!

    I have a feeling there’s a chance you might enjoy:

    Good for some more laughs.

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