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A new kind of exercise July 3, 2008

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I don’t know about you but I do love catching re-runs of “Dr. 90210” on Bravo, or whatever channel it comes on. It fascinates me to see the kind of people that come in for plastic surgery, just how much they are willing to spend, and the different types of surgery people are seeking.

One of the more unusual episodes I watched was about vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Have you seen this episode? Now – anyone who has delivered a baby vaginally can fully appreciate why someone might consider vaginal rejuvenation. Let’s face it, your stomach isn’t the only thing that ends up all stretched out after birth.

And then, along comes a story in the NYT that is impossible for me to resist….an gyno has opened a spa for “Pelvic Fitness.”

Now come on people. This spa is wholly dedicated to “strengthening and improving a woman’s genital area.”

Is anyone actually mature enough to get through this piece without giggling?

For a whopping $150, you can let the good doctor shove her fingers inside you and you are to contract your pelvic muscles around her fingers – so she can gauge just how loose you really are.

My…can I count the ways I’d RATHER be spending $150?

Should I start? Or leave you to making your very own list?

Ahh….ladies of Manhattan…rejoice now that you have your very own gyno spa!!!

Have a great July 4th kittens. My DD was in the back yard today, waving around her American flag, and I felt compelled to hum a tune along with her as she waved the flag around the yard and we marched. Took me a few minutes to realize I was humming the British national anthem….

ha ha.

I’m a true patriot.


One Response to “A new kind of exercise”

  1. ABP Says:

    Its called kiegels – can I have my $150 bucks now?

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