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Tranquility and Peace July 1, 2008

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Gather round, kittens, for if you have children at home – the story I have to tell today is like lore. You’ll have to dust off this corner of your brain and really think hard to remember a time like this. Many of you will think it can’t be. Some of you won’t even remember. But I am here to help you breathe out the anger and feel the peace. It is such a lovely place to be.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Over the weekend, we went to the beach to celebrate my sister’s birthday. We had a great weekend and after tucking DD into bed on Sunday night at my mom’s house, DH and I hit the road, back home. My mom wanted to keep DD for a few days and what kid wouldn’t rather be at the beach in the summer than in their boring old house?

And so it began yesterday but escalated to a new level of calm today. CHILDLESS MORNINGS.

Rather than catching up on the same episode of “Little Bill,” “Diego” or “Wonder Pets” and battling with an irrational 2.5 year old over why breakfast is important and why she IS eating it despite her loud protests to the contrary, then handling the emotional stress of her not wanting mommy to leave for work, today I had the house TO MYSELF.

I arrived home from the gym to find DH out front watering ( NOTE: he is obsessed with green grass, he will fall victim to butt dead brown grass by month’s end, we go through this exercise every summer, but he is still holding out hope that this year, just this one year, he will have the greenest looking pasture of them all. And who am I to crush that dream?). He soon thereafter finished watering and left for work at 7am.

This meant – JUST ME.

Think back kittens.

To the last time at 7am on a random Tuesday morning that you were the only person making noise in your own house.

DH had my coffee made, the paper out – it was the life of a queen. I lounged in front of the “Today” show.

I almost didn’t recognize anyone on the TV screen, it’s been so long.  So, we reacquainted ourselves.

I read the paper.

I drank coffee. (yes, decaf, for any preggo police out there).

But it wasn’t just any old cup of coffee, it was WARM COFFEE.

I read my horoscope.

I leisurely got ready for work.

No drama, no tears, I even had time to look in a full length mirror and then get to work on time, without plowing down an old lady with a cane to make the light or tail-gating some new teen driver to get past them and save a minute here and there.

It is true. It is all true. It is a morning of yester-year. A foreign place and time to really almost anyone reading this blog.  Treat it like it was your own kittens.

The only thing missing was a view of the water, the soft crashing waves and a hot houseboy.

But really – just the peace and quiet of a random Tuesday was more than enough for me.


3 Responses to “Tranquility and Peace”

  1. ES Says:

    WOW!!!! I’m so jealous! I can’t remember that feeling, but I know it exists. I did have a little taste of it when I was on a business trip a couple of weeks ago w/o DS, but them I missed DH too.

  2. Asti Says:

    Sorry I am not commenting on the topic of this posting but would rather comment about men and their lawns. I mean what is up with their obsession on lawns. My DH is the same way…always mowing, watering, and seeding. I am grateful for that, because that is one chore that I never have to worry about, but I wonder why he is not like that with the other chores. I never have to ask my husband to cut the grass, totally self-Initiated, but yet I would be a billionaire if I got a $1.00 for every time I had to ask him to take out the trash.

  3. wyldirishman Says:

    I cant speak for all DH. But maybe they never had a real lawn to mow growing up?

    And enjoy the peace goodness knows you need it…

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