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Heels for Who? June 20, 2008

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Yesterday, I found myself with deep thoughts about Jamie Lynn Spears delivering a baby girl. Babies having babies is just not something I can get on board with, applaud, or feel enthusiastic about. I hate that the media even give this girl any attention. I fear that she is sending a message to young girls that it’s OK to have a baby, that it’s manageable, that there is nothing wrong with teens having babies.

Frankly, it freaks me out. Just like it freaks me out that conservatives out there believe that teenagers shouldn’t be given access to birth control or encourage them to use it in sex ed classes. Look people – we know that teenagers are horny, ravaged with hormones and curiosity – and they are having sex. It’s just the reality, whether we like it or not – so who, in their right mind, really thinks that keeping the very things from them that will prevent pregnancy and STDs – is a good and intelligent idea?

Makes me sick.

And the problem with the younger Spears girl is this – Britney’s mess of a life played out on a very public stage for all of us to see – but at least she is in her 20s. The Spears family will keep the reality of babies having babies shielded from all the world to protect Jamie Lynn’s future career. So young naive teens will think it’s easy and manageable to have a baby, get your body back and still be a star.
Mark my words.

It is a sad day.

But how do these young impressionable girls end up getting pregnant to begin with???? Well – there are tons of reasons – most too deep and too complex for this blog. But certainly how we socialize them comes into play.

I’m very aware of the language we use around DD, the kinds of clothing choices that seem all-too-inappropriate for toddlers out there – and the types of dolls that might be sending the wrong message- and how to keep her away from this offensive and sexualized socialization.

Need some visual aides to help you along, particularly if you aren’t shopping for toddler girls? Here you go:

Should I dress DD in that this summer? Seems appropriate for a 2 year old on the beach, now doesn’t it?

Seeing as how she’s really a 3T now, maybe a rhinestone studded string bikini is best?

And I vow to keep these from my house for all of eternity – just like my mother despised Barbie dolls:

And then, a dear KT BFF sent me a link to a site that is selling HEELS for baby girls.


Obviously they aren’t real heels for babies but they look like heels and they’re meant to make everyone laugh and “ha ha, isn’t that so silly, she’s only 6 months and she’s already a shoe horse and purchasing heels.”

I am still wiping the vomit from my mouth.

I’ll be the first to admit that I love shoes and I’ve noticed my DD has an affinity for shoes. In particular, she seems to love jelly sandals, which amuses me endlessly, perhaps she’ll be on VH1’s “Best of the 80s” giving comedic overviews one day?  And of course I’ve secretly longed for her to be the next Jimmy Choo.

But putting a baby in heels that – get this – LOOK LIKE HOOKER HEELS – what the hell are people thinking? And they are spending money on this?

Maybe I’m just in a bad mood today – but I really can’t get over those ridiculous shoes.

Until we consistently teach our girls that they deserve more, that they are worth more, that their brain and what is inside – is more important than what is outside – and on and on (I’ll get off my soapbox) – then girls will keep ending up pregnant at 17.



3 Responses to “Heels for Who?”

  1. chrissy Says:

    I’m mortified that these are even called “heelarious” because it’s so funny to put little girls in leopard print. hello world, here’s a handbasket. get in, please, we’re going to hell.

  2. ABP Says:

    Have you heard about school officials confirming that at least 17 students at a Massachusetts high school are pregnant and they may have been part of what is being called a “pregnancy pact?” One girl even reportedly had sex with a 24-year-old homeless man to fulfill her pledge, according to a report in Time magazine. What the f%$#!

  3. ES Says:

    All I keep saying to myself is…. “THANK GOD I HAVE A BOY”.

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