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VP Sweepstakes June 17, 2008

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Kittens –

Another short post from me today. Fret not – I have a few longer posts percolating in my mind – which I’ll get to later this week. Until then, I’m just coming out of a grassroots/advocacy conference and some of the classic “Washington Insiders/Pundits” were tipping their hat on who they think will be the VP choices. Many of the names ticked off, we’ve all heard – but a few really surprised me – most likely because I just haven’t been paying that much attention lately.

The biggest surprise to me was even the mention of Chuck Hagel as the running mate for OBAMA – no, not McCain – OBAMA.

I mean come on – this man might have the balls to vote against the Republicans on the war – but he is a CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN. I cannot believe there is any merit to this rumor but still wanted to spread it. Salon also has a piece on this rumor today:

Now, it will surprise no one if McCain picks a Democrat as his running mate and I’m sure we’ve all wondered as much when we see images of Lieberman standing up there next to him. But the name that surprised me most about a McCain running mate is Carly Fiorina…yes..the former CEO of HP with a shadowy past and possible hand in tape-recording conversations of her board members. Could she honestly pass the vetting process? It would be very fun for the Democratic 527s if they pick Fiorina..but kind of like we all want a woman president but Hillary just really wasn’t the right one – we’d all love a viable female VP running mate and it would do much to strengthen both the R’s chances at winning and McCain’s brand as a maverick if he picks a woman…but is Fiorina really the right choice? Being a CEO doesn’t necessarily equate to being a good government leader. Not to mention having a shadowy past.

This rumor fascinates me.

More on shared parenting, why Nicolle Kidman looks like she’s 5 months along when she’s like on the verge of delivery and other KT deep thoughts later this week.



2 Responses to “VP Sweepstakes”

  1. punditdad Says:

    Hagel is in my top 5 for the Veepstakes. Clearly only Jim Webb can be picked. Anyone else, including Biden who I’ve heard is in too, would be a mistake. Must be white. Must have military experience and must not come from the northeast. I’m sorta soft on Hagel and doubt that his social conservative side would necessarily come out. It’s not like he’ the Speaker of the House and passing laws. On the other hand, Obama needs a friggin bulldog to go after McCain — clamp down the jaws and never let go on the campaign trail. I think Webb would do that. Except he sorta still likes the Confederacy but that’s small potatoes. PUnditDad Out!

  2. Stanley Paradiso Says:

    CARLY FIORINA?…..he would be a fool to choose her. Not only is she just a POSER….but a bad one at that with a shady resume…

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