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Riddle me this May 6, 2008

Filed under: Celebrities,Fashion — Wired_Momma @ 7:44 pm

Why is this famous 2-year-old still walking around with a bottle? What the?,1,0

And why is her mother wearing a sweater and trench coat while Suri is wearing a tank top dress?

And as if the New Kids on the Block Summer Reunion tour weren’t enough for all of us…why…why…why….is this model wearing tight-rolled jeans???

Oh – and finally – just when I really thought I couldn’t be surprised by ANYTHING – I learned of this company B.Y.O.G.

That would be “Bring Your Own Gown”

But not so fast, kittens, not the kind of gown you are thinking of – this time we’re talking about DELIVERY GOWN.

You got it. Apparently two women cooked up the idea to create stylish – and here’s the kicker – REUSABLE – gowns for delivery, so you can avoid the drab generic one the hospital provides. Turns out Jessica Alba plans to B.Y.O.G. for her big day.

SO just when I thought two-year olds with bottles and tight rolled jeans was confusing…it turns out someone out there thinks they want to WEAR AGAIN the gown they delivered a child in????


I am, for once, speechless.


2 Responses to “Riddle me this”

  1. ABP Says:

    Thank you! I was wondering why the two year old was still drinking from a bottle. Maybe it falls along the lines of the adult pacifier that Tom allegedly ordered for his wife so she could keep with the Scientology silent birth??

  2. Debra Says:

    Ok, I honestly didn’t believe you when I read about B.Y.O.G. But, alas, I realized KT was not joking when I clicked on the link and read this marvelous marketing: “The idea for B.Y.O.G. was born after realizing the need for a labor and delivery gown for hip mamas who don’t want to abandon their personal style or modesty in the delivery room.” HELLO! Let me just say that I went into labor too quickly to change into a hospital gown, so I delivered my DD wearing a rather stylish red maternity shirt from the Gap (and, for the first portion, I was actually wearing a cute zip up hoodie as well). And let me tell you, said outfit did not make my back labor any more fun nor did it make me look any more refreshed in the post-delivery photos.

    Though, I did note that for the $95 price of a BYOG you get a coordinating ribbon belt, which is “a great accessory to have after delivery and for looking great in all those photos!” So maybe that was what I was missing – better accessories for labor?

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