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Au Revoir, Kittens May 19, 2008

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First, let me apologize for being MIA the past week or so. Work has been insanely busy and alas, you all got cast-off. And now, you will have to miss moi some more because I am off to Europe tomorrow for vacation.

C’est vrai, kittens.

Tomorrow evening, darling husband, darling daughter and myself board a flight bound for Amsterdam for about 8 days of tromping through Holland, Brussels and maybe even a day in Germany.  Perhaps we will tip-toe through some tulips in our wooden shoes.

But don’t abandon me now, dear friends, because I will come back with tales of European fashion, motherhood and other important trends. My husband keeps referring to some “party boats” on the canals in Amsterdam…what do you think the odds are that I’ll agree to that?

Check back with me on May 29th or 30th, and surely I’ll have something to dish on, if not the true story behind international flights with a 2.5 year old.

Until then, in case you missed it last year, here were my observations from 10 days in France last June (sans enfant):

Adieu, kittens. A bientot.



Balancing Work and Family May 8, 2008

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I just read this piece on the WSJ’s blog, The Juggle, about Zoe Cruz. If you’re not familiar with her, she was close to becoming the first female CEO on Wall Street until she lost her job. She was the co-president at Morgan Stanely, bringing home $30 million in 2006. She is also the mother of three.

After reading the quick summary of Zoe Cruz on the WSJ blog, I decided I better go read the entire piece on her from New York Magazine because the story of the rise and fall of one of the most powerful women on Wall Street must surely be a complex one.

And indeed it is. At first glance of the WSJ blog entry, it would be easy to want to attack Zoe Cruz. We could judge her for the fact that she had 3 children but fielded phone calls from work while in labor, worked 16 hour days and fought AGAINST Morgan Stanley allowing flex-time for other working moms.  That one, in particular, really annoyed me.

But again – we’re talking about a woman reaching the levels of a Wall Street firm that no other woman has yet reached – so getting to that point is no small task.

So I read the very long piece on her in New York Magazine and I urge you to go read it. It’s really a story of two things. The biggest is a woman rising to the top in the male-dominated old-school world of Wall Street. You’ll reach your own conclusions on how she did it but my quick reaction is this – in order to reach the top, she had to act like a man – take no prisoners, tough as hell, always on the defense and busting her ass. She wanted to be successful and to achieve that level of success, she couldn’t be waxing poetic about her children all day long or missing conference calls to relieve the nanny. Like it or not, that’s the reality.

So, the feminist in me, wants to cheer her on because, though she was fired, she fought like hell and rose to a new level and, inevitably inspired women around her, whether they liked her or not.

Then there’s the mom side of me. Of course, I admired the fact that if her daughter needed cookies for school, she was up at 4am making them herself. Find me a man with that career, making $30 million a year, that’s going to get up at 4am to bake his kid some cookies. Right? But why did she have to perpetuate the kind of work-place environment that will inhibit future generations of women from reaching the higher levels of major corporations like Morgan Stanley by fighting against flex-time? Did she do that because she wasn’t afforded that opportunity and believes that to succeed in the cut-throat world of finance, you have to act like a man? While that was most certainly the case for her in the 80s and early 90s, does that always have to be the case? Until women who are reaching these levels, no matter what they had to sacrifice and compromise in their own lives, recognize that working moms are NOT the same as working dads, then do we really have a dog in this fight?

The flip side of me wonders this – is that fair to make that the burden of Zoe Cruz? Just cause she was the lone wolf at the top – is it fair to judge her for making a decision against other women?

I think so. Because aren’t we talking about fighting the old boy’s network? She knows about that way more than any of us do.

Anyhow kittens, I encourage you to go read the piece about her and let me know what you think:


Riddle me this May 6, 2008

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Why is this famous 2-year-old still walking around with a bottle? What the?,1,0

And why is her mother wearing a sweater and trench coat while Suri is wearing a tank top dress?

And as if the New Kids on the Block Summer Reunion tour weren’t enough for all of us…why…why…why….is this model wearing tight-rolled jeans???

Oh – and finally – just when I really thought I couldn’t be surprised by ANYTHING – I learned of this company B.Y.O.G.

That would be “Bring Your Own Gown”

But not so fast, kittens, not the kind of gown you are thinking of – this time we’re talking about DELIVERY GOWN.

You got it. Apparently two women cooked up the idea to create stylish – and here’s the kicker – REUSABLE – gowns for delivery, so you can avoid the drab generic one the hospital provides. Turns out Jessica Alba plans to B.Y.O.G. for her big day.

SO just when I thought two-year olds with bottles and tight rolled jeans was confusing…it turns out someone out there thinks they want to WEAR AGAIN the gown they delivered a child in????


I am, for once, speechless.


Loving Daddy May 5, 2008

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Until recently, my daughter has only wanted me for everything around our house. I would say we didn’t really deal with “separation anxiety” until earlier this Winter, around the time she turned two. It was exacerbated when I was home with her full-time for almost two full weeks.

It’s a story most of us know well and many will soon enough know well – I couldn’t so much as leave the room to pee or blow dry my hair without it being a huge drama, with the little one holding onto my legs, crying her eyes out. Fortunately that didn’t last long though it was taxing while it was happening.

What’s really been the case for so long – I honestly can’t remember when it started only when it’s eased up – is it’s just been about me – even without the tears and the drama. Only mommy can read the stories, only mommy can take her up to bed, only mommy, only mommy.

Now trust me, I’m not complaining. It’s been really sweet and who doesn’t love being the apple of her daughter’s eyes? But there’s more to it. If I didn’t make it home from work in time to see her at night, “Where’s mommy? Want to see mommy!”

Talk about a knife in the chest.

Not to mention, sometimes it’s nice for your spouse to take the kid upstairs and read them bedtime stories, while you take a break.

Then there’s how all of this made my darling husband feel. Truth be told, he’s felt like second string for quite some time. And who can blame him?

But suddenly, suddenly, things have changed. A dear friend warned me that this would happen and it was just impossible for me and my husband to believe because it’s been only me, all the time, for what feels like an eternity. I always knew to cherish this time because well, she’s bound to hate me as a teen. What self-respecting teenage girl doesn’t despise her mother, for at least a short time?

But things have changed and there is a new sheriff in town. About two or three weeks ago, Daddy suddenly became the apple of our daughter’s eye -really without warning and without explanation. Now we hear a lot of this: “Daddy do it, Daddy read it, Daddy take you upstairs, Daddy coming home in few minutes…Daddy…go play?”

Hell, some mornings I’m told by my cherub that I’m not allowed in the playroom to play..just her and daddy.

Because it’s mean, I cannot acquiesce to such demands¬† – but my – how far we have come! How much has changed!

And frankly, it feels a bit like a weight is off my shoulders. Sure, there are some days where I don’t love being second string but the truth is – now we can truly share in so many tasks when spending time with our daughter, it’s just refreshing. It’s also nice to see how much my husband loves being #1.

Realizing that life with a toddler is a bit like “Survivor” – the stakes are high, allegiances can change faster than you can blink an eye, and drama is just waiting for you at every turn – I know better than to think any of this will last very long.

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy catching a few minutes of “Access Hollywood” on some evenings, while Daddy is reading bedtime stories.

Speaking of Dads, a KT BFF is a recent SAHD and just launched his new blog:

Check it out.