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Stressorexia February 20, 2008

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Kittens –

I’m here to bring you new words all the time. A few weeks ago it was choreplay. Today it’s “stressorexia”

Ever heard of it? Probably not. But I’m sure you’ve seen evidence of it around you.

First let me be clear – this is not a problem I have. You can pretty much be sure that on any given day, I’m thinking about my next meal and if it’s contents will include cheese and/or chocolate and/or ice cream, or better yet, all three. A deep thinker, I am not.

And yet, I’m thinking that many of my fellow over-worked, over-tired, stressed out BFFs out there might know a little something or two about stressorexia.

According to our British friends, this is a new form of an eating disorder symptomatic to overworked working moms, though I’d venture to guess plenty of women who also do not have children. These women are running ragged and tend to skip meals because they are too busy trying to get things done at work to move on to the next task – and suddenly they start losing weight and well, we all want to be a MILF, and so it goes.

Here’s the link to England’s Daily Mail:

So while this might be very much the case for many women – I still take issue with it. As professional working women, especially if you are the mother to a daughter, it is a damn shame to bring negative body language associations and poor eating habits into the house, to only then start your young children off on the path of eating issues. I also wonder if it’s more than just women being over worked – it becomes a martyr issue.
“no one can take care of junior as well as me, no one can clean the house as good as I can, my idiot husband doesn’t get everything right on the grocery store list, so it’s just easier if I do it, none of my colleagues can do this project as well as I can and if I don’t step in and just take over, we’ll screw it up and lose the account all together.”

And then suddenly you are doing everything and well, along the way, your own health and well being falls to the side.

Who knows.

I get it that eating issues are rooted in complicated psychological issues..and though I’d love to pretend I’m an MD, I’m not. But I guess the other side of me sits backs and wonders – why make life so complicated? What’s REALLY going to happen if the house isn’t cleaned to your standard all the time? What’s really the result of the husband forgetting a few items on the grocery list? So, he gets to go back out to the store again. Does it REALLY matter if your co-workers don’t fulfill the task as well as you would? And do they really suck that bad or is there some kind of insecurity buried deep within us?

If you are a KT fan, you know that I am no fan of martyr-hood, especially once children enter the picture, and well, I guess I’m annoyed by this stressorexia article. It’s stupid.

Did I fire anyone up yet?


One Response to “Stressorexia”

  1. chrissy Says:

    Amen! I’m fired up. I see it happen all the time…I remember it happening to my mom when she opened her own business, and I was painfully aware of how her family applauded the weight loss. You touch on so many good issues here. Ladies, the fact of the matter is, we won’t make it through the day without sustenance. So get a powerbar or a sandwich or a fondue pot. Just please remember to eat.

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