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Michelle Obama for President February 14, 2008

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Happy Valentine’s Day Kittens! I’m sure you’ve been waiting obsessively for a V Day update from me but the truth is, I’m being coy with you. I like making you wait for me…it only makes you want me more….so at long last….I am here to whisper sweet nothings in your ear.

I should also note that, like last year, I am blushing from all the flowers and chocolates and cards that you, my adoring fans, have heaped upon me. I could barely make it to my desk this morning because my office is jam packed with messages of love. Particularly blush-worthy was the pair of leather crotchless chaps…..You really shouldn’t have…….

And with that, kittens, I ask you to wait no more. On this day of love, I will refrain from pondering the ways of the American husband, the exaggeration of the price of flowers and dinners tonight and if there is any merit to this holiday. Instead, I will express my deep love for a woman….a Presidential candidate’s wife who should really be running for President….I’ve said it many times before, I’ll say it again, Michelle Obama for President!

Oh Michelle…how I love thee….what I wouldn’t give for a one-on-one conversation with you…

A KT BFF tipped me off to the piece on Michelle in today’s NYT:

And starting with the picture of her in that fabulous turquoise necklace at the top, all the way down to the final quotes in the piece (I know, right? I actually read an article all the way through – despite my adult ADD and inability to focus unless it’s celebrity gossip or food related)….Michelle rules. And so, kittens, here is a haiku for her:

I love her because she is intelligent and has opinions.

     I love her because she has no fear about stating those opinions, even if it creates extra work for her campaign staffers…she’s keeping everyone on their toes.

I love her because she is sarcastic and pokes fun at her husband, reveals that he makes messes or doesn’t always smell great. She’s authentic, she’s real, she’s got something to say and she’s going to say it. 

          Of course, I love that she is a mom to two little girls and isn’t afraid to talk about how she keeps them a priority and how she manages it all – without shedding tears or coming off as a martyr (Hillary).

Do you like how that wasn’t even close to a haiku? I never really paid attention in poetry class.

Are you all left wondering if I love her because I feel like she’s a really cool, wildly successful, smarter and older version of how I’d love myself to be? Yes well…..there’s no shame in aiming high, kittens.

And to be serious for a moment, if I’m going to invest my sacred time in actually reading an article in its entirety and not letting my mind wander off and start thinking about my next meal and if there will be any cheese involved….I like to learn something valuable about life in that piece. Some great perspective or nugget to carry forward in my own life. And I took something like that away from the interview with Michelle.

I offer you this:

“My parents told us time and time again, ‘Don’t tell us what you can’t do,’ ” she said. “ ‘And don’t worry about what can go wrong.’ ”

What a wonderful thing to teach your children and though I might have already been doing that in my own home, I certainly haven’t articulated it out loud but I intend to as my daughter gets older. Particularly the bit about not worrying about what can go wrong. Instilling a sense of confidence and adventure in my daughter is fundamentally important and reading this about Michelle’s upbringing makes me adore her even more.

Enjoy this day o’ love Kittens. And remember, you can keep your tokens of love and appreciation for me coming every day of the year, you don’t have to wait until just Valentine’s day…….


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