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Observations from an Obama Mamma February 13, 2008

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Well kittens, the Potomac Primaries came and went..and how about that full Obama sweep? Even with last night’s treacherous weather, and I mean TREACH-ER-OUS – yours truly still got out to vote.

I will note that now I appreciate why there are those signs before bridges to alert you that the bridge/overpass can freeze…..turns out that actually happens…..I can be a little slow on the uptake……

Anyhow – as my day progressed yesterday, I started getting some interesting comments from friends into my inbox about the day’s primary. I really noticed a trend that aligns with my own thinking.

It seems that many KT friends all agree it would be incredible to have a woman hold the highest office in the land, we really would. We want this for ourselves, we want this for our little girls, it’s an amazing chance. But on the flip side, many of us just don’t feel like Hillary is the right woman for that job.

Again, I’m continuously impressed with how versed she is on every topic, how she has thorough plans for various issues facing our country and can speak so eloquently on them – but the common thread I kept hearing was this – she just doesn’t inspire us. We want some inspiration. After 8 years of lies, not even mediocrity and hell – poor speaking skills coming out of the Oval Office – we want to feel excited and inspired.

Thus…it seems many of us are Obama Mammas. We are excited about the prospect of a woman becoming President but obviously not excited by that woman.

It’s quite the conundrum for Hillary. She has more experience, a real handle on the issues and clear policies that she is communicating – yet at the end of the day – what she stands for isn’t that different than what Obama stands for – and many of us are picking inspiration over experience.

I will note that one of my sisters was feeling kind of “vagina-ey” (her words) – so she settled for Hillary because she really couldn’t decide down to the wire between the two – and that’s fair. I can support someone who feels “vagina-ey” in those final seconds before casting a vote.

Yet I remain intrigued by this predicament many of us are facing when push comes to shove – and that inspiration is helping make the final decision. It seems that in this day and age, we are still pretty old school and facebook pages or sophisticated targeted marketing strategies can’t outwit good old fashioned inspiration.

And it seems that you cannot manufacture inspiration – it just happens.


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