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Choreplay January 30, 2008

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Today’s KT entry is for you, American Husband. And the funny thing is, what you are about to read below reflects an exact conversation that took place in my house just on Sunday evening. I looked over and imagine my surprise when I noticed my husband sitting on the couch, folding laundry – all on his own volition – and even better – pairing socks. I had to splash water on my face and pinch my cheeks a few times.

Once I realized it was really happening, I wasn’t having a wet dream, I took the liberty of letting him know that I’d go do it with him right then and there – that’s the only kind of foreplay I need.

He scoffed at me. He really didn’t realize I was serious. I even went on to explain that I’ve told him this before and that all husbands seem to miss this memo – despite how glaringly obvious it is – that if they were to take charge with household chores with regularity – they’d get us into bed a lot more frequently.

He really thought this ludicrous. At that point, I gave up. He was looking a gift horse in the mouth. It was like I was speaking in tongues to him.

And then a KT BFF sent the link to a word in the Urban Dictionary, a site I’d never even heard of until yesterday and now, a marital relations expert in my mind:


1. choreplay
When a woman is turned on by the sight of her husband/boyfriend/partner doing regular household chores, that she would normally be doing.

“Last night, it was all about choreplay. I was all ‘OH YEAH, fold that laundry. Oh yes, just like that! In half and, then in half again. OHHH'”




2 Responses to “Choreplay”

  1. chrissy Says:

    so he really passed up that offer? this is hysterical.

  2. Sam Says:

    You know what gets me hot? When women don’t fall into the stereotypical view that men are useless and only think about sex! That’s hot!

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