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KT’s Invention January 28, 2008

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I’m sure you’ve noticed how the media loves a mom-turns-millionaire through invention story. We see it all the time. In fact, I think there’s even a word for moms who invent things – mompreneurs. Or something ridiculous like that.

Apparently there’s a reason for the old saying “Necessity is the mother of invention.”


OK – so since having had my darling daughter, I’ve thought of things I’d like to invent if I had the time, means, or slightest bit of understanding in how to go about doing it. I have one idea that I actually think is pretty good.  Naturally I fantasize about executing said idea and making millions and quitting my job and being featured in the Today Show in a fabulous Nanette Lapore suit.

And then it dawned on me the other day, yet another idea that I believe would be helpful to all the driving women out there. Probably just the driving public. Definitely dazed and confused working moms with a million things on their minds.

Let me first paint the picture – set the scene, if you will.

KT friends know that, well, I’m always late. I try. I really do try. I have the best of intentions but the bottom line is, I’m late. This personal problem has only gotten worse since my daughter entered my life and well, it’s even worse now that she’s potty trained because that adds another 10-15 minutes to departure time……pee pee on the potty….”mas pee pee, read book? one more time? pee pee more, wash hands, go get cookie!”..and so it goes.  

That said, I am also pretty much always late to work, even though I’m not bringing my daughter with me every day. I figure any working mom who gets to the office before noon ought to get a medal.  Sadly I don’t think the higher-up’s really agree with that.

One of the downsides to always being late to work is finding a parking spot in the parking garage. Because I arrive at a slightly different time each day, I can never secure the same spot. I like one of the key spots that allows me to pull forward and then reverse straight back without having to make any tight turns or worry about hitting a pole.

I swear, poles tend to just jump out at me in parking garages.

Because the spot that I prefer is also preferred by others, it’s not always free when I arrive, so I must find another spot. This means, each evening when I am racing to my car to get home to darling daughter, I have to add some extra time in to remember where in the hell I parked the car.

You got it.

That person wandering aimlessly in a garage, looking dazed and confused, or raising the blood pressure of creepy slow stalker drivers at the mall garages at Christmas time – because I end up three rows over from where they think I’m headed – that’s me.

And admit it, it’s you too. Don’t tell me that you’ve never completely forgotten where you parked and had to walk around for a second or two (or five) to find your spot.

The good news is I always know which floor I’ve parked on, it’s just where on that level, is the problem.

So my invention – if I were an electrical engineer – I’d invent a GPS of sorts to affix to my key chain and once I enter the correct floor of my parking garage, perhaps it could ding or ring (a pleasant tone..or even better…be wirelessly connected to my favorite gossip blog and start reading off breaking celebrity news) to help point me in the direction of my vehicle, thereby avoiding the confusing tour of the garage floor, and saving precious time so I can get home sooner!

Isn’t this brilliant? A parking spot locator GPS! It’s just what we’ve all been waiting for! Am I a great mom-preneur or what?

Sadly, until I can determine how to get that gadget built and sold, I’m going to be that person wandering around, wondering where in the hell I parked my car, pretty much every evening.

And in the meantime, to catch up on all the latest celebrity fashion from last night’s SAG awards or continue wondering if Angie is pregnant in that mumu she wore, check out my fav celeb gossip site:


One Response to “KT’s Invention”

  1. I swear to god all makers of carparks need to go to hell. They made them hot, smelly and miserable places to even park a car. Then they make it damn near impossible to find your car once you are done for the day.. THEN just to insult you even more they CHARGE you for the priveledge of losing your car.

    So for all those supposed “engineers” out there… I have reserved a spot just for you in hell.

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