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The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of November 9, 2007

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If you see the sweet word “dreams,” many of you might be thinking about raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens. Bald baby heads or Santa Claus.

And that’s fine. But not moi. Mais non! Once there was a time when we all were a flutter when Al Gore stepped too close to George W during a debate. It was as if he was challenging him to a duel.

Music changes to a cowboy and western….camera pans to the Presidential contenders..on a desert road….wearing chaps….drawing their weapons……

Ahh…the days of yore when such face-offs fulfilled us for a while.

Then came some celebrity divorces a la Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen. The accusations rife for gossip blogs.

Alec Baldwin kept us all fascinated for a while with his verbally abusive message to his daughter, played out over and over, for the world to see.

Then came Rosie and Elizabeth Hassleback. It was moderately interesting for some. It was Barbara Walters’ wet dream.

But see, all of this pales in comparison to the celebrity face off that happened this week…..using the word “celebrity” quite loosely for one participant. Even the brilliant writers of SNL couldn’t have cooked this one up. I mean hell, even Tina Fey couldn’t have imagined it.

Harlequin Romance Hero meets People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive.

The man that most women in the world would open their bedroom door too…..challenges the man that only 90 year-old readers of Romance novels from Romania find remotely attractive…..can it be real?

Cheesy foreign fake celebrity is challenged by uber hot superstar?

For real?

George Clooney v. FABIO

Clooney, the ever calm, cool and collected prankster, got his feathers ruffled by Harlequin romance dude? I mean – can anyone stop laughing?

Apparently tapping into Clooney’s most profound insecurity, Fabio really fired Clooney up when he told him to stop acting like a “diva.”

All the while, Fabio insulted Clooney wearing a purple shirt and long hair. Honestly kittens, is there any better way to end our week together than laughing about this?


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