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MADS November 5, 2007

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As I was sitting here, feeling tired and grumpy, cursing daylight savings and how anti-parenthood it is, one of KT’s BFFs emailed me. She was also feeling tired and grumpy and possibly, like me, relieved to be at work today with a bit of a break. She ranted about daylight savings time and said we should start MADS: Mothers Against Daylight Savings.

 HOW BRILLIANT, I thought.

I don’t know about you, but by 8:45am yesterday, my husband and I had accomplished the following tasks because our day started at 4:45am:

Breakfast: made, eaten and cleaned up

Exercise: 45 minute walk with dog and baby

Grocery Shopping: went to store, purchased groceries for the week, came home, put them away and cleaned out contents of fridge

Clothing: Summer clothes removed from shelves and stored away, winter sweaters brought from basement and put away in appropriate spot in bedroom, closet cleaned out and two bags filled to go to Salvation Army

Home Renovation: Expansion project to begin this week, guest room contents largely emptied and stored away in basement

TV: Elmo Halloween DVD watched two times.

Again, these things were all accomplished by 8:45am.

If you are sitting there thinking I should be happy to have accomplished so much in one day by that hideous time of the morning, then bite me. We are no longer friends and you clearly don’t have children so I ban you from my blog.

My BFF who is the founder and President of MADS accomplished the following (her day -started at 5:45am):

I had done 5 loads of laundry, made pancakes, ran the dishwasher, cleaned up toys, and showered by 9:00 a.m. yesterday – that is just wrong.  And, when I was in the laundry room at 7:30 a.m., it was filled with who – mommies – all mad about daylight savings.  I am serious – we could put an end to it.  We aren’t farmers anymore – why is it necessary??? 


Again, that is way too much to be accomplished by 9am. Shall we all bow to the President and founder of MADS? A brilliant point is made – why is it actually necessary to have daylight savings time anymore? It is a curse. It is a curse to parents nationwide. We don’t get an extra hour of sleep, we get an extra hour of AWAKE TIME at a HIDEOUS TIME and it just gives us more work to do in one day. Then we have to spend a few days getting our child adjusted to the new time, dealing with naps, cranky behavior, etc.


If you would like to join MADS, you are welcome, just submit your complaint here and let us know what you had accomplished by 9am yesterday.


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