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Boo! October 31, 2007

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It is with great sadness that I wish you all a Happy Halloween…

Why so sad, you wonder?

Because after a month of anticipation and build-up, it will all be over with tomorrow. You’ve read my entries before on how much my darling daughter has grown to love this holiday and honestly, her obsession has just grown over the course of the past month. A whole new part of her personality has come out this month and its just been more fun than ever with her.

What has surprised me the most is how much she loves the super scary, creepy parts about Halloween. Like enormous monsters with flashing red eyes hanging in front of a neighbors house. It might send chills up my spine as I avert my eyes…but not my daughter….she is pointing and laughing and jumping out of her stroller shouting “MONSTER!!!” as she soaks it all in.

It is hilarious. But kind of strange. Some of you might have heard that she was stalking a tween boy at a Halloween party because he was dressed up like a scary Skeleton.

Her other prey was a kid dressed up in that creepy costume from “Scream” (yes, also part of famous artwork but I’m too lazy to look up the artist). Again, she will be 2 in a few weeks. Its really unexpected.

Last night we carved the pumpkin after she went to sleep and had it all set up for when she came down this morning. We kept the lights off and had the pumpkin lit in the kitchen so when she walked in, she’d see her first jack-o-lantern. Her reaction was anything but luke warm.

She started dancing and laughing and pointing and saying “Pumpkin! Happy Halloween! Pumpkin!” as her Halloween dance continued in front of the pumpkin.

And so, it is with great sadness that I face down November 1st. All the Halloween decorations will be put away, all the witches and goblins and ghosts will return to their resting place, and I have no idea how I will explain their absence to her. Meanwhile I am soliciting ideas on how to make pilgrims, Indians and turkeys just as exciting.

Have a Happy Halloween today kittens…and have so much fun with your little ones tonight in their costumes!  

Here’s hoping I don’t find too much solace in left-over Halloween candy tonight, as I mourn the passing of this great holiday……


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