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A Quick KT Fix October 25, 2007

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I am so boring lately Kittens. I swear, the past two weeks between the health care crisis followed by my childcare crisis have just taken everything out of me. Now that my life is back to “normal” I think I just need some time to just decompress.

But – see – I know how you long for me. I know how you get to work and quickly log onto KT to get a piece of me….and then you feel all deflated when there is no new news from me. I know. I know. It is so sad and difficult to face down a day without a piece of moi, isn’t it?

And so it is with you in mind, sweet kittens, that I am going to reveal how boring I am and just banter on about random things today, just to give you a KT Fix. I know you need it. I’m an addiction.

C’est vrai. I hear that all the time and I’m still blushing.

So with that, I’ll reveal the inner-workings of my mind…..what does KT think about when she is tired?

Well, for one, I continue to love Tina Fey and 30 Rock. You might recall an earlier posting from probably last year on an Ode to Tina Fey. Well, I continue to love her. I think 30 Rock is better this season than last season. I absolutely love how no one is safe, every issue is tackled and all in a self-deprecating way. I love how they mock weight issues, mock themselves and their own personal lives, mock competitive behavior at work, infidelity, you name it – they cover it and with such good humor on that show.

And how about Tina Fey’s American Express Commercial – do you love it as much as I do? It just makes me love her more.

Beyond worshipping Tina Fey, I am overly curious about Britney and KFed’s parenting classes:

Honestly – what do they cover in that class? Does Britney listen? Will anyone advise her to lose the gum on the red carpet when she debuts her new album? Can you really take the WT Southern out of the girl? I don’t think so.

These are the things I wonder about. I’m brilliant, I know.

What other things am I wondering about? Well, I wonder why my breasts didn’t look like Halle Berry’s when I was pregnant:

Though I will admit that she continues to annoy the crap out of me for stating out loud that she thinks she won’t need maternity clothes until the 9th month of her pregnancy. I really can’t stand comments like that, even coming from the exquisite Halle Berry. It’s like a smack in the face to everyone else who needs them by 6 months, including her fellow stars. We all know she’s fooling herself but does she honestly believe that the rest of us just suck at pregnancy and getting fat – but she is above it – and therefore will be the only person around that won’t need the clothes before the final weeks? Sure, empire waist is a trend now but still Halle. Get with it.

Which brings me to another thing I think about when tired, or when shopping. This trend in empire waist tops. Why? Why? I wonder. WHY are people wearing clothing that is really meant for preggos? And WHY would you wear something that makes others wonder if you are pregnant?

Honestly. Not many people can pull off that look and maybe I still have an aversion to anything that remotely resembles maternity wear even though it’s been two years but still….enough with the empire waist.

And finally, while we are on the topic of maternity wear, I am feeling annoyed that JLo just won’t announce her pregnancy. At first it made sense to me and seemed like the cautious, conservative thing to do – keep it mum. I would have done the same. But now it’s just getting ridiculous!

With that kittens……I’ve revealed my deep thoughts and given you just the KT Fix I know you needed to support your habit and keep you coming back for more…..


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