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Dad Talk October 2, 2007

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On Sunday we had brunch with a couple who have a 4 month old. We are friends through the husbands, they grew up together. Normally we get together with what I could consider “my friends” and the wives dominate the conversation.

Come to think of it, no matter who we get together with, let’s be honest, it seems the wives dominate the conversation.

Let’s face it, we’re more interesting and talkative, us women folk. Who wants to talk football when they can be talking fall fashion? Boots anyone? (sidebar: I FINALLY purchased a pair of low heeled chocolate brown boots and I am thrilled. I think they will do right by me this fall and winter, chasing after my toddler but looking cute and stylish along the way. Here’s the link if you’re curious:

OK – so while the wives pretty much dominated with our fascinating thoughts again this past Sunday, the husbands also chimed in. And this was a first-time meeting of these two friends since both of them have become fathers.

And frankly, what I heard actually surprised me. There’s some new show on ABC that I haven’t watched and don’t intend to but the previews show Dylan McDermott (hot) sitting in a spa like situation with his male friends and he makes some comment “Men, we’re the new women.”

I’m guessing that’s the only funny one-liner for the entire series of the show but it amused me. And suddenly, over brunch on Sunday, I found myself thinking there was truth to that statement. 

My husband’s friend starting talking about how he is adjusting to the reality that he just doesn’t have time for anything anymore. For example, working out. He lamented how he just doesn’t have any extra time to get to the gym.

To which my husband responded in agreement, even sounding sympathetic, and went on to say “I know, it’s like I’m constantly racing around. I get up in the morning and we’re taking turns getting ready and playing with our daughter. Then I race out the door to get to work. Then I hurry through the day and just work so I can get out at a reasonable time. Then I race home and try to beat the traffic so I can get home and see her a little bit before she goes to bed. It’s non-stop.”


Hold up.

Was I hearing this right?

In case you are confused, allow me to remind you, this conversation was taking place between my husband and his buddy.

NOT between me and the wife.

I was blown away.

Here we are, coming on two years into this parenthood gig, and it just blew me away that all this time, my husband actually feels the same way that I do. I had no idea. He’s never expressed this rushed feeling meanwhile, dive into the archives of KT, or just read me once a week, and do you hear anything else? It’s a common theme. Race race race. The Amazing Race.  Hell, I have trouble slowing down for old ladies with walkers when I’m driving home from work. And don’t get me started on jaywalkers.

But this honest conversation between two dad’s was not only surprising to me, it made me feel ridiculous for not realizing it and it was just really cool to listen to the two of them banter on like a bunch of mom’s. 

Maybe Dad’s are the new women?


One Response to “Dad Talk”

  1. Sean Says:

    some dad are like this some are not.

    Just be glad that Brian is like that

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