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Monday Morning Perspective October 1, 2007

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So before I left this morning my nanny offered up some perspective on life. She started telling me how she babysat on Saturday for a three-year old little girl in my neighborhood. She said “she made me cry.”

Turns out the little girl cried a lot while my nanny was there because she misses her daddy.

Her daddy is a soldier in Iraq. She said she talked so much about her daddy and how much she misses him and how much she wants him to come home.

Then when she went to bed, she took a letter with her and held it in her little hands under her pillow, a letter from her daddy. My nanny said there were many other such letters under her pillow that she holds onto all night long.

Is there a dry eye anywhere in the room right now?

Honestly, it’s that kind of thing that just puts everything into perspective. I’m not sure how I can stop thinking about this little girl and how much she aches for her daddy before my mind even wanders to the little girl’s mom, who was hopefully having a much needed fun night out on Saturday.


One Response to “Monday Morning Perspective”

  1. emily Says:

    This is why we MUST PROTEST! Especially those of us in DC must get out there and voice our opinion! And don’t forget to write letters to your Senators. It just takes a few minutes but can be very effective. Such a visual, the letters stuffed under the pillow.

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