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Tug of War Over Children’s Healthcare September 28, 2007

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Hello Kittens – 

This post is also posted today by me on DC Metro Moms ( I am cross-posting because I think this issue is so very important and hope everyone is paying attention……so here it goes….. 

Nary a day passes when I don’t wonder how this President of ours can wake up and actually face himself in the mirror. As if the death toll in Iraq and hiding of the dead soldiers in caskets when they return to the US isn’t enough but hey – how about the economy?

Or how Hurricane Katrina victims? Or wait – how about censorship of live television?

How DARE Emmy-award winner Sally Field question him on the War? 

I mean, really, should I keep going?

OK good, because I will. Just when you think this man cannot damage himself any further, politically, he is doing it again. He is threatening to VETO the House and now Senate-passed bill to increase funding for state sponsored children’s health care.

You got it. He is AGAINST providing health insurance for more poor kids.

I mean – isn’t that like hating Santa and putting a bounty out for the head of the Easter bunny?

How very conservative of him. So in case you weren’t following, he is FOR spending a billion dollars a day in Iraq indefinitely, but he is AGAINST spending $2 billion more a year on covering uninsured poor children.

Of the 48 million uninsured Americans (shameful), 9 million of them are children. Earlier this week, the House passed legislation that would provide insurance for an additional 3.5 million children each year.

How is it that the man that has increased our budget every year for six years, thereby defying fiscal conservatism, is suddenly tightening the reigns and making poor uninsured kids the victims?

The Senate passed the bill last night, according to the Washington Post and the President has threatened to veto the bill.

I could be wrong but by my estimation, this would mark only the THIRD time the President has vetoed a bill during his presidency. The first came in 2006 to veto federally funded stem cell research ( and the second came earlier this summer to veto a bill that would have forced a time line to bring the troops home from Iraq (

So what does this mean, exactly? It means that nothing in Washington is as it seems. It means that the White House is hiding behind rhetoric that they believe this expanded coverage would provide free health care to children in families that are not considered poor.

Whatever. Look – it is a disgrace that there are 48 million uninsured Americans and it is a disgrace that there are 9 million uninsured children in this country. If children do not have access to health care when they need it, how can we expect them to grow and develop into thriving, successful adults? What is the point of government and taxes if it isn’t there to protect those that need it most, like children?

How can a man who based two campaigns around morals and values threaten to veto increased spending for children’s health care?

The list of contradictions coming out of the Republican party never cease to amaze me but on this one, Bush is alone. I’m sure it’s going to pass the Senate and make its way to the President’s desk. And you can be sure my claws are out and will be sharpened on the day he vetoes it. 


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