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Welcome to KT’s Book Club September 21, 2007

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Kittens –

Sorry I have been quiet this week, I mainly have been uninspired but alas – no more. I have decided to start a KT Book Club. I don’t know about you but I’m always on the look-out for a great book, the sort that I can barely stand to put down (“Kite Runner,” “Red Tent,” anyone?). While my voracious reading has slowed a bit since having darling daughter, sometimes a little time on the couch with a good book is all I need to recharge.

And with that, I went out and broke a personal rule – I purchased a book in hard back. It’s called “The Godmother” by Carrie Adams and it’s so big and heavy that it’s a little hard to lay in bed and read it:

Mainly the review in USA Today piqued my interest and well, I’m hungry for a good book. It seems that the characters are all flawed and struggling with some of the same issues many of us are dealing with – managing kids, careers, single friends, married with children friends, the whole kit and caboodle.

So kittens, if you’d care to join my book club, then perhaps you should splurge and we’ll chat more about it next week. If I’m the only one reading it, well then, hopefully it’s a good book and you’re still going to hear what I think about it….

Bon Weekend, kittens. 


One Response to “Welcome to KT’s Book Club”

  1. Ah HA! You’re Miss. Kitty, no? Duh on my part! 🙂

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