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Bone to pick September 18, 2007

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I’ve got a real bone to pick with some celebrity mama’s. This is something I’ve been chewing on for a few months now but the interview with new mom Jamie Pressly on Sunday night’s E! Red Carpet Show about threw me over the edge.

Obviously one of the main concerns when pregnant is the dreaded idea of losing the baby weight. When pregnant, we all suffer from these mis-guided notions that it will just “fall off” and we’ll be back in our pre-pregnancy clothes by the time we’re done with maternity leave. Sure we might not say these things out loud but we think them. We’re not going to be like “that woman” with her wide child-bearing hips and muffin top! Mais non!

But then reality hits and we have this baby and sure, a lot of the weight does just sort of fall off. But then there’s that last 10 pounds or so. And there’s that way your body changes, in particular, that way your hips widen, after you give birth.

But see, there’s more. Then there’s that reality that you are at this baby’s beckon call, every few hours, day and night, feeding her, changing her, bathing her, tending to her, calming her when she’s fussy, that time warp that is new mommy-hood.

Which brings me to celebrity mom’s. Not all are guilty – but some are. And Jamie Pressly is the top of my list. She is back to her pre-baby body a mere 4 months after giving birth and I am not saluting her.

You know why?


How DARE she get on the red carpet and tell the nation that she worked out two hours a day every day around day 10 of her kid’s life? And furthermore, drone on and on about the cabbage soup diet as a cleansing diet?


Last I checked, when I had a 10 day old, I was going on minus zero sleep, I had trouble walking around the block, and lord knows the last thing on my mind was hitting the gym. So let’s be clear – if you are working out 2 hours a day with a 10 day old at home, you have a BABY NURSE (or two or three) that is tending to the needs of your child while you get the precious sleep you so badly want, while the rest of us do not. The rest of us are up dealing with and tending to our babies.

So instead of lauding this woman for so swiftly returning to her pre-baby body and holding her up on a pedestal, let’s just stop. OK – because it actually just makes the rest of us feel bad even if we know she’s doing it for her professional career.

And then there’s the cabbage soup cleansing detox diet.

Umm..hello….for those breastfeeding mothers out there, exactly how does that diet benefit the health of them and their children?

So once again, we are sending terrible mixed messages to mother’s out there – the first is that you are a lousy mother who doesn’t care about your child if you don’t breast feed, but the other is that you should be lauded and held on a national pedestal for returning to your fabulous pre-baby body within months and sacrificing and having the discipline to diet and exercise so fastidiously after you’ve birthed this child.

I don’t know about you but it really fires me up. I am so sick and tired of reading about all the praise heaped upon these women for how thin they are post-baby – it is depressing and a kick in the face to the rest of the new mom’s out there who are sleep walking through life.

I’m tired of it.


One Response to “Bone to pick”

  1. Sean Says:

    Welcome to that disgusting double standard that is Modern culture.
    Sorry Ladies…

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