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Tug of War Over Children’s Healthcare September 28, 2007

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Hello Kittens – 

This post is also posted today by me on DC Metro Moms ( I am cross-posting because I think this issue is so very important and hope everyone is paying attention……so here it goes….. 

Nary a day passes when I don’t wonder how this President of ours can wake up and actually face himself in the mirror. As if the death toll in Iraq and hiding of the dead soldiers in caskets when they return to the US isn’t enough but hey – how about the economy?

Or how Hurricane Katrina victims? Or wait – how about censorship of live television?

How DARE Emmy-award winner Sally Field question him on the War? 

I mean, really, should I keep going?

OK good, because I will. Just when you think this man cannot damage himself any further, politically, he is doing it again. He is threatening to VETO the House and now Senate-passed bill to increase funding for state sponsored children’s health care.

You got it. He is AGAINST providing health insurance for more poor kids.

I mean – isn’t that like hating Santa and putting a bounty out for the head of the Easter bunny?

How very conservative of him. So in case you weren’t following, he is FOR spending a billion dollars a day in Iraq indefinitely, but he is AGAINST spending $2 billion more a year on covering uninsured poor children.

Of the 48 million uninsured Americans (shameful), 9 million of them are children. Earlier this week, the House passed legislation that would provide insurance for an additional 3.5 million children each year.

How is it that the man that has increased our budget every year for six years, thereby defying fiscal conservatism, is suddenly tightening the reigns and making poor uninsured kids the victims?

The Senate passed the bill last night, according to the Washington Post and the President has threatened to veto the bill.

I could be wrong but by my estimation, this would mark only the THIRD time the President has vetoed a bill during his presidency. The first came in 2006 to veto federally funded stem cell research ( and the second came earlier this summer to veto a bill that would have forced a time line to bring the troops home from Iraq (

So what does this mean, exactly? It means that nothing in Washington is as it seems. It means that the White House is hiding behind rhetoric that they believe this expanded coverage would provide free health care to children in families that are not considered poor.

Whatever. Look – it is a disgrace that there are 48 million uninsured Americans and it is a disgrace that there are 9 million uninsured children in this country. If children do not have access to health care when they need it, how can we expect them to grow and develop into thriving, successful adults? What is the point of government and taxes if it isn’t there to protect those that need it most, like children?

How can a man who based two campaigns around morals and values threaten to veto increased spending for children’s health care?

The list of contradictions coming out of the Republican party never cease to amaze me but on this one, Bush is alone. I’m sure it’s going to pass the Senate and make its way to the President’s desk. And you can be sure my claws are out and will be sharpened on the day he vetoes it. 


Uninspired September 26, 2007

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Kittens –

I’ve just been uninspired lately. There’s really nothing going on and nothing has fired me up. These are good things. I seek out an uneventful, drama free life – but it means that I have nothing to rant about on KT. Boring, I know.

I haven’t even had any deep thoughts lately to share with you. Shocking, I know.

As for the world of celebrities and fashion, I’m even moderately bored there. We can wonder, is JLo preggo and if so, is she pregnant with twins? Her fashion choices lately certainly suggest she is pregnant.

How about Salma having a baby girl – who LOVES the name Valentina? Fabulous. Love it. Fabulous.

Britney’s body guard actually became a heated discussion in my house the other night. We are really smart.

My husband questioned the body guard’s motives and why wouldn’t he reveal these things in private. My counter-point is that there is no way it would be kept private. Britney plays her life out on a public stage for us all to see therefore her divorce and custody battle is a public spectacle and so why would her body guard handle it any differently.

As to his motives – are they really as simple as he is concerned for the children? Is he getting paid? I guess I don’t really care. I predicted a while ago that one of these young Hollywood ladies would end up dead within five years (Britney, Lindsay, Paris, Nicole) and at this rate, it seems that it sadly might be Britney if she doesn’t get the help she needs:,,20058350,00.html

And then there’s Jenny Garner. She’s all over the press now due to her movie “The Kingdom” and the new play she’s starring in with Kevin Kline. I love her. I consider her my celeb twin in that I think she is a mother much in the way I would be if I were a famous star and had gobs of money, I’d always be at the farmer’s market and park as well. I just like how much she talks about loving motherhood, how fabulous Violet is, how she kept weight on while breastfeeding, she just strikes me as so normal. And again, unlike ridiculous Katie Holmes, she is not dressed for a Vogue fashion shoot whenever we see her out and about with her daughter. For more on Jenny Garner:,2933,297921,00.html

And then how about shoes. You know how I love me some shoes. Well, one of my dear friends sent me a link to some shoes on sale at Nordstrom, which then sucked up like an hour of my time as I perused all the shoes on sale. And I was left feeling in a quandary. I need new boots, we’ve covered that before, but there are so many fabulous summer shoes on sale for practically nothing.

So – instead of the boots, do I purchase a few pair of fab shoes for next summer at a great deal? I mean, I’m only thinking of my future self here.

And I am always faced with this dilemma. I LOVE starting a new season off with a pair of shoes in my closet that I’ve had tucked away for months and purchased for a great deal.

BUT – will metallic still be in in Summer 08?

How about espadrilles? I mean, if you are tracking the publicity shots of the S&TC girls shooting the movie, it might suggest that the shoes SJP is wearing in this shoot are going to be the summer look of 08:,0,18

Or these:,0,1

So what does a gal do? Shop now on discount for next summer or focus on this fall? I could purchase under the guise of timeless fashion pieces being added to my wardrobe? I think Tim Gunn would concur.

I’ll love you the most if you say “Do both!”

And finally, while I was looking for links to include, I stumbled up on this news on the disappearance of that little British girl Madeleine:,,20058636,00.html


Welcome to KT’s Book Club September 21, 2007

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Kittens –

Sorry I have been quiet this week, I mainly have been uninspired but alas – no more. I have decided to start a KT Book Club. I don’t know about you but I’m always on the look-out for a great book, the sort that I can barely stand to put down (“Kite Runner,” “Red Tent,” anyone?). While my voracious reading has slowed a bit since having darling daughter, sometimes a little time on the couch with a good book is all I need to recharge.

And with that, I went out and broke a personal rule – I purchased a book in hard back. It’s called “The Godmother” by Carrie Adams and it’s so big and heavy that it’s a little hard to lay in bed and read it:

Mainly the review in USA Today piqued my interest and well, I’m hungry for a good book. It seems that the characters are all flawed and struggling with some of the same issues many of us are dealing with – managing kids, careers, single friends, married with children friends, the whole kit and caboodle.

So kittens, if you’d care to join my book club, then perhaps you should splurge and we’ll chat more about it next week. If I’m the only one reading it, well then, hopefully it’s a good book and you’re still going to hear what I think about it….

Bon Weekend, kittens. 


Bone to pick September 18, 2007

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I’ve got a real bone to pick with some celebrity mama’s. This is something I’ve been chewing on for a few months now but the interview with new mom Jamie Pressly on Sunday night’s E! Red Carpet Show about threw me over the edge.

Obviously one of the main concerns when pregnant is the dreaded idea of losing the baby weight. When pregnant, we all suffer from these mis-guided notions that it will just “fall off” and we’ll be back in our pre-pregnancy clothes by the time we’re done with maternity leave. Sure we might not say these things out loud but we think them. We’re not going to be like “that woman” with her wide child-bearing hips and muffin top! Mais non!

But then reality hits and we have this baby and sure, a lot of the weight does just sort of fall off. But then there’s that last 10 pounds or so. And there’s that way your body changes, in particular, that way your hips widen, after you give birth.

But see, there’s more. Then there’s that reality that you are at this baby’s beckon call, every few hours, day and night, feeding her, changing her, bathing her, tending to her, calming her when she’s fussy, that time warp that is new mommy-hood.

Which brings me to celebrity mom’s. Not all are guilty – but some are. And Jamie Pressly is the top of my list. She is back to her pre-baby body a mere 4 months after giving birth and I am not saluting her.

You know why?


How DARE she get on the red carpet and tell the nation that she worked out two hours a day every day around day 10 of her kid’s life? And furthermore, drone on and on about the cabbage soup diet as a cleansing diet?


Last I checked, when I had a 10 day old, I was going on minus zero sleep, I had trouble walking around the block, and lord knows the last thing on my mind was hitting the gym. So let’s be clear – if you are working out 2 hours a day with a 10 day old at home, you have a BABY NURSE (or two or three) that is tending to the needs of your child while you get the precious sleep you so badly want, while the rest of us do not. The rest of us are up dealing with and tending to our babies.

So instead of lauding this woman for so swiftly returning to her pre-baby body and holding her up on a pedestal, let’s just stop. OK – because it actually just makes the rest of us feel bad even if we know she’s doing it for her professional career.

And then there’s the cabbage soup cleansing detox diet.

Umm..hello….for those breastfeeding mothers out there, exactly how does that diet benefit the health of them and their children?

So once again, we are sending terrible mixed messages to mother’s out there – the first is that you are a lousy mother who doesn’t care about your child if you don’t breast feed, but the other is that you should be lauded and held on a national pedestal for returning to your fabulous pre-baby body within months and sacrificing and having the discipline to diet and exercise so fastidiously after you’ve birthed this child.

I don’t know about you but it really fires me up. I am so sick and tired of reading about all the praise heaped upon these women for how thin they are post-baby – it is depressing and a kick in the face to the rest of the new mom’s out there who are sleep walking through life.

I’m tired of it.


Drill Sergeant September 14, 2007

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I’m tired lately. Really tired. But I don’t have a newborn at home and I have a toddler that’s almost 2 and still takes 2 naps a day and sleeps 12 hours at night. On the surface, I realize that I have nothing to complain about. And I’m actually not complaining.

But see, it’s more than the sleep. It’s toddler-hood that’s wearing me out. Let me preface it by saying that I really am knee deep in my favorite time so far with darling daughter. In particular, over the course of the past three weeks, she has morphed from what I’d consider still baby level communication skills to “real person” communication skills. She talks, she responds when I explain things, she tells me when she’s a “big girl” as she’s drinking from a regular cup or peeing on the potty. She understands that her grandmom went “up” in a “plane” (to Holland, that part she doesn’t get) and wonders when she’s coming “home.” I mean – it’s remarkable when you’re used to talking to smiling blob and wondering if you sound like Charlie Brown’s mother. It’s actually a huge adjustment.

But as you’ve seen me blog about many times already, it’s not just the fast pace of toddlerhood (running constantly when awake, never time to rest) but it’s the emotional energy required to keep up with the tantrums and the fits and the screaming that really gets to me. I’ve gotten really good at letting it roll off my back, not reacting, and just calmly telling her she’s OK. Somtimes when it’s a particularly obvious fake scream, I make the same noise back at her and she stops, realizes how obnoxious it is and laughs.

The other thing she’s just added to her repetoire is assuring herself she’s “OK” before she freaks out. It’s adorable, really. I’ll see her on the edge of the slope, about to just fall off into the depths of toddler tantrum hell and she’ll breathe for a second and repeat “Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok” and then move on. Crisis averted, this time.

But see, I’m realizing that learning how to handle the tantrums is much more complex than managing how your child is behaving (which is almost a misnomer) because it’s about managing how you are behaving. And in particular, as you reach the end of a long week when you’ve been working long hours and handling lots of stress at work, it’s really challenging to constantly be taking deep breaths and remain cool, calm and collected yourself while DD is behaving in a less than desirable way.

It’s clear to me that we’ve reached the point in parenthood where we are constantly setting the example and beginning to shape her character and so, if one of us behaves badly to her, or someone else, then how can we expect her to behave otherwise?

Furthermore, being consistent is no longer a small feat. Sure, with a baby, it’s real easy to set a schedule and everyone knows you feed Junior every 3 hours and we can all stick to the plan. But sometimes it’s easier to let DD eat some fruit in a bowl in front of the TV because you just don’t want to hear the fit even though your rule is only in the kitchen at the table, or maybe you realized that you have to change another behavior but forgot to inform your spouse, and he’s doing it the wrong way, and there goes consistency.

Because the toddler – they know. You’re not tricking them, they haven’t forgotten, they remember and they know when you ease up on the rules. It’s becoming clear to me that her memory is sharp as a nail and mine is, well, not. So behaving well and consistently implementing the same set of rules requires a lot of thought, patience and organization, on top of keeping up with the pace these toddlers move.

I suppose I keep writing about it because it just keeps catching me by surprise. Of the many parenting books I’ve read, one of the lines that has stayed with me the most was about how great of a parent the author was before he had kids. It amuses me to no end because I know I was the same exact way and would probably call you all liars if you claimed to have never judged parents for their poor parenting skills or thought about how easy it would be for the parent to just do X differently. 

I know we are all different but this is my blog and I feel better about how we’re doing and how we’re handling parenthood when I hear similar stories from others, and I just stumbled upon this entry in a Washington Post blog and loved reading every minute of it – my favorite is this quote:

A woman I know told me once, “You should establish early on that you’re a badder ass than your two-year-old. He’ll respect you more in the morning.”


TV, Movies, Clothes…..oh my! September 13, 2007

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Lions, tigers and bears might have cut it when you were a tyke…but let’s forget them….today let’s gab about TV, Movies and Clothes, if for no other reason than I’m tired and well, don’t have the energy to bang out something thoughtful. You know, cause blogging about Brit-Bot is so deep.

So first, a new movie is opening in mid-October complete with an all-star cast: Mark Ruffalo (LOVED him as Jenny Garner’s love interest in “13 Going on 30”), Joaquin Phoenix (hot), Mira Sorvino (cool) and Jennifer Connolly (totally my body double). It’s called “Reservation Road” and it just premiered at the Toronto Film Festival:

The movie has the right ingredients to motivate me to schedule a date night out with beloved husband: hot cast, tragedy, parenthood, drama. I’m totally there.

Also, for you TV junkies out there, the fall season debuts in less than two weeks and more specifically, Grey’s Anatomy premieres two weeks from tonight. If you want to catch a sneak preview, check it out kittens:

I’m sure I’ll tune into the new Grey’s spin-off, I think it’s called “Private Practice” but I’m not real thrilled about it going into it. I watched the sneak peak episode last season and it really annoyed me how they’ve morphed Dr. Montgomery Shepard’s character. She started off on Grey’s as this very strong-willed, intelligent, successful doctor who happened to cheat on her husband with McSteamy. I think all of us could kind of see how that could happen. I think those were all the reasons we loved her. She’s brilliant, successful, independent but still totally flawed and knows it. We could relate.

But by the time we saw her in the “Private Practice” teaser, they had her tripping over a man, acting like an idiot in an elevator and basically, a desperate, mess of a woman who needs a man. How, pray tell, did that happen? In case you’re not up-to-speed, here’s a link about the new show:

Moving on, Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style is on tonight on Bravo at 10pm:|CAMP013TimGunn_Brand|ADGP018TimGunn_GuideStyle|KWRD023tim+gunn+guide+to+style&sky=GGL|CAMP013TimGunn_Brand|ADGP018TimGunn_GuideStyle|KWRD023tim+gunn+guide+to+style

Don’t forget to tune in so we can all be fashion forward this fall.

And finally, how could I possibly end an empty-souless substance-free entry without revisiting Brit-Bot. Oh Brit-bot. How much you’ve changed, how far you’ve gone backwards, how sad your situation is…….our fascination with how she blew it at the VMAs persists, four days later. Frankly, I’m a little perplexed by how into this story I am. Why in the world do I care? But I do. It seems that not only is everyone still wondering why she blew it and what went wrong but people are now fighting about whether she’s fat or not.

Look, I go back to my original thinking – NO! Of course she’s no where near fat and most of us would kill for that body, especially after having two kids. BUT when you build your empire partly around your body and being sexy, when your body doesn’t look like it used too but you wear LESS on stage than you used to, you’re going to get criticized and you deserve it. Look – Brit makes $700,000 A MONTH (I heard that on Access Hollywood) and what, exactly, does she do?

Still feel sorry for her?
I didn’t think so.

I think the two pieces of her disastrous performance on Sunday night that continue to fascinate me are these: First, that she had the gaul to fire Ken Paves before going on stage. Who does she think she is? The woman who shaved her head, fired her hairdresser? Come on now. No wonder she was moving her hair out of her eyes the whole performance:,,20056088,00.html

And finally, again on Access Hollywood last night, I learned that KFed hosted a joint first bday party for Jayden James and 2nd bday party for Sean P. at his home that Brit-bot’s MOM attended…but no Brit-bot. Wow. That’s bad. That’s about as bad as it gets. Wild horses couldn’t keep me from my kid’s bday party.

With that kittens, I’ll work on something more thought-provoking next time.


Eau de Toddler September 11, 2007

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Kittens –

I write to you today in a cry for help. Yours truly, KT, is stumped. Alas, I fear I am enabling possible germ warfare in my home. Who needs plutonium when they have eau de toddler.

Let me set the stage.

Darling daughter, like most in the toddler set, has a special blanket. In our house, we call it “Buggy,” a phrase coined by my oldest sister when she was a wee thing. Darling daughter’s buggy is near and dear to her heart. It is a pink soft blanket with the required satin trim and a small bunny attached to it. Here is the link if you are on the lookout for a good buggy:

Being the clever mom that I am, I have not one but three buggy’s. KT’s friend, SelfMade Mom ( has like 8 of these for her darling son (SMM also sent the original buggy, the very culprit of which I am speaking about today, to my DD as a gift for her arrival to this world). SMM and I, we are clever, we are always thinking ahead, we are ready for the ultimate disaster – the loss of the buggy, therefore we have an arsenal.

DD began sleeping with her buggy when she was about 4-5 months old. She liked having it next to her face and as she got older, when nap time or bed time approached, I could always count on watching her rub this buggy under her nose and her eyes roll back, as she floated off to her baby happy place, complete with the somewhat nasty buggy smell.

Now that she’s more verbal, she’ll tell me she wants to go “nigh night” and ask me for her “buggy,” and it’s really cute. But see, enter the problem.

Now that she’s older, she’s also much more attached to the buggy. And that’s fine by me, she only takes it to bed with her, but see, the buggy scent is what makes the buggy.

You got it. That sweet smell of drool and milk and dirt and sweat and who knows what else is what makes the buggy the real security blanket. And it is that very scent that is creating a problem. She will not go down with one of her other two buggy’s anymore. THEY are rejected because they are..gasp…CLEAN.

I tried one morning to trick her, I’d been keeping a second buggy in her crib so she could nuzzle against it as well and get it all good and stinky and then I could slip out the original buggy and put it in the wash. But no, that particular morning she stood up, tossed the less pungent one over the crib side and said “Buggy.”
I said, “you have your buggy, here is your buggy” and so innocently handed it back to her, feeling all clever.

And she took a whif again, tossed it again and said “No! Buggy!”

Apparently I’m really not that clever.

So off I went to retrieve the nasty one from her laundry basket, upon which she immediately sniffed it to determine its authenticity, then nestled down for a good nap.

OK then, I thought. I’ll worry about this later.

So more weeks have passed. I tried again to remove the foul buggy and leave her with only the one from the bench, but alas, she cried and cried and wouldn’t nap until the original buggy was returned to her.  Point 2 for toddler. Point 0 for mom.

And now, even more time has passed and this morning, one of the first things my husband said to me was this “You’ve got to wash her buggy, she smells nasty because of it.”

I replied “She does not smell nasty, maybe she needs to brush her teeth,” (all the while thinking maybe it’s him that smells nasty and he has two arms that he can use to wash the damn buggy as well but didn’t say.)

To which he retorted “No, it’s not her breath. It’s her hair that stinks from sleeping with that disgusting buggy all night.”

So kittens, alas, what is a mom to do? DD rejects the backup buggy’s. They are B list to her A list. If I wash it, she won’t want it. But I am preoccupied with the filth she is rubbing all over her face, the germs, the nastiness.

Seriously – what do I do? I know this is common – this is classic toddler behavior. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? But can I just go on for longer knowingly giving her such a foul blanket? How in the world do you convince a toddler that clean is good and still soothing?

How long can you turn a blind eye to knowingly giving your daughter a blanket that has turned from pink to black with filth – but it’s that filth that helps her sleep so well every day? What’s more important, cleanliness or sleep?

I am stumped.