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Nature Calls…. August 22, 2007

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Is it wrong that I find that commercial with the people dancing about how they have the runs, upset stomach or heartburn, amusing? I think I even found it interesting and amusing to discuss bowel movements before becoming a parent, where nary a day passes without talk of poop. Fortunately for moi, the talk has progressed from obsessively keeping track of numbers of poops and pees a day, to fretting over constipation and needing to use suppositories, to the shock of how the poop changes when you introduce food (yes, kittens, it does get worse), to now talking about poopie on the potty like a big girl.

We’re big time in my house. Big time poop talkers.

So, all this talk of bodily functions has gotten me to thinking about how much I prefer natural remedies to common problems over and above using medicine. Now – let’s be clear on a few things. I like medical doctors, I go to one, as does my husband and daughter. I like hospitals when they are needed. I despise people who don’t get their children immunized. And before we go any further, I am not a naturopathic doctor. I’m just a gal who has an opinion and you’re going to get mine again…it helps that I have a sister who is fully commited to natural remedies and a mother, who is also a nurse, and is equally as commited to natural remedies where appropriate.

So, let’s begin. Today’s entry is really meant to give helpful tips, particularly with the Fall and cold season around the corner. I’ve gathered together my resident experts (read: my sister) to compile this useful list of tips:

For those with a stomach ache: peppermint tea or putting ginger in your food should help. Also ginger tea is a great friend to you.

For those with the runs: blackberry root tea (while sometimes nasty) will help you faster than you can believe.

For those with constipation, yes, I’m talking to you preggo’s out there in particular: flax seed is your BFF. Grind it up and sprinkle it over your cereal or into your yogurt and you wouldn’t believe how fast it will give you the relief that you need. An added perk is that it helps fight prostate cancer, so I believe it should be added to the husband’s food. If your husband is anything like mine, no need to advertise that you’ve added it into the pancake mix….just do it. And when he boasts on how regular he is, like a champion horse, indulge him and his powerful digestive system. 

Also, I have sad news for you if you have constipation problems. I particularly hate sharing this with the preggo’s: you should avoid dairy. C’est vrai. Suggesting avoiding cheese on KT warrants severe punishment but sometimes sacrifices must be made.

Moving away from life without cheese, for those who feel a cold coming on: avoid sugar, it weakens your immune system, consume garlic like it’s going out of style (also a plus if you don’t feel like having sex with your husband, your stench is bound to offend at least him), consume Vitamin A for three days, and increase your Vitamin D intake.

If you, or your parents, have inflammation or arthritic problems, tumeric is your new best friend. C’est vrai. My own mother will attest to the relief its brought her severely arthritic fingers. Drop a tsp of tumeric into something, like yogurt, every day. Also pineapple helps, as does avoiding vegetables like potatos, eggplant, bell peppers. Cod Liver oil is also a help in the fight against arthritis.

And finally, in addition to eating your veggies and fruits, drinking lots of water and green tea, Vitamin D is a great vitamin to take on a daily basis because it apparently helps fight cancer.  You can find out more at:

And, you don’t need to worry about making a special trip to Whole Foods (or “Whole Paycheck” as my husband not-so-fondly calls it), most of these items you can find at your favorite local Safeway or regular old grocery store.


4 Responses to “Nature Calls….”

  1. WHAT A FANTASTIC AND USEFUL ENTRY! Clearly your sister & mother are wise beyond their years to be studying the benefits of natural remedies…

    LOL! In all seriousness, this is an excellent starting point for everyone. Print this out, ladies and gents. This is good advice. And do consider hitting up your local whole foods or apothecary for any sort of books on herbal remedies. If you want advice on the best book on herbs, just toss KittyTime an email and she’ll find me.

    Happy Herb Hunting,
    The Kitchen Witch

  2. Emma Says:

    Great post today! And might I mention – very timely. As poop is big talk in my house – I might also mention that prunes (applesauce texture for babies that are eating solids) and prune juice – yes you can give it in a bottle diluted with a little water will help with the precarious digestive systems of babies. This was recommended by my Pediatrician. There is a great apothocary (that actually does compounding prescriptions if you happen to need one like I did) called Knowles Apothocary in Kensington, MD. Very helpful staff and great homeopathic remedies – without the Whole Foods price!

  3. ch Says:

    flax seed is the greatest thing on earth.

  4. Sean Says:

    As that one picture books says so well…

    Everybody poops…

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