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Plaid Shoes….can you ever have enough? August 15, 2007

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I know that I was trashing people that wear fall clothes before it actually FEELS like fall outside – but that doesn’t mean I’m not obsessing over fall clothes. More specifically, SHOES.

My feeling is, if I’m going to be working fulltime, then I’ve got a reason to continue to splurge on ridiculous and impractical things, like heels.  Sure, the minute I get home I’m chasing after a toddler and might look as ridiculous as Katie Holmes wearing heels on the beach but still – what’s the point of working if I can’t make myself feel better with high fashion items, right? Right.

So, my current obsession is plaid shoes. Totally impractical but they really hit the spot for me. Sort of like bags. You better believe I do not own ONE black bag. Nope. No thank you.

Orange? Suede or leather, I ask.

Red? Which one?

Green? You got it!

But black, over my dead body. Black bags are just SO BORING to me.

And so it goes with shoes. I rarely have a decent pair of black heels and I know we all need a good pair of black heels but again, snore. I get so bored shopping for them.

But leopard print flats? hell yes! Pink heels? you got it!

And now….now…plaid shoes.

I have one pair of plaid mules that I purchased a few years ago, they were a splurge at the Off Fifth outlet but worth every penny. And during the July Nordstrom half-yearly sale, I purcashed a pair of plaid, open-toed wedge heels. Again, not really that practical of a move because plaid implies cold while open-toed implies WARM..but again…this is moi and sometimes impulse buys really wet my whistle.

Oh – and in case you were wondering, yes, I did order them online, along with two other things, both of which I returned. And don’t tell my husband but I’m pretty sure the plaid shoes that I kept will rub and give me a blister but I couldn’t part with them…and I couldn’t admitt that ONCE AGAIN I was returning everything I bought online. So here are the newest plaid addition to my footwear collection (mine are in brown):

I will wear them and secretly cringe at the pain but they are fantastic shoes.

And then..the other day…what did my wandering eye see but THESE:

Be still my beating heart.

Are they not beautiful and gorgeous?

But see….what I’m left wondering is (as I add them to my online shopping cart and leave the screen up all day), how many plaid shoes does one really need?

Or rather, can you really ever get enough?


2 Responses to “Plaid Shoes….can you ever have enough?”

  1. Sara Says:

    Yet another reason I wish I lived close by to you Kitty. You are a fantastic shopping friend. I checked out your site and came across these which I just adore…

  2. lmkpjk Says:

    bag racist.

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