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KittyTime True Confessions August 10, 2007

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I don’t have it in me to bang out a full entry – so to kick-off your weekend, I thought I’d just tick through some things I’m thinking about lately, deep thoughts by KittyTime:

1. I can’t wait for Halloween and started obsessing over what my sweet girl will be dressed up as – about three weeks ago. I love that I can still decide what she’ll wear but I also love that she’s older now, so I will pick something I know she’ll love. Yes, I know it’s like three months away.

2. I am OBSESSED with Christmas cards and you better believe I’ve already started thinking about ours this year. Trust me. I have. And yes, it was 120 degrees this week with the humidity but I was still thinking about Christmas.  Bet you thought it was strange that I was obsessing over Halloween until you read this!

3. I cannot wait for fall clothes but despise people who bust out in fall clothes before it’s time for it. For example, short sleeve turtlenecks. We have record breaking heat in DC – why are people wearing them? It’s still August – though I still don’t find it appropriate in September until it’s cool enough. You might be able to wear white any time of year now, but I don’t want to see people in fall clothes until well after Labor Day.

4. I think I have an internet shopping problem. Who has time for real stores anymore? So I shop online. But I either fill up my online basket with like $2K worth of goods and ultimately never buy any of it – but really – isn’t there some satisfaction in going that far and actually believing you will buy those things? What would a shrink say about me?  Or I buy online and ultimately return 3/4 of what I buy. And yet still don’t learn my lesson that online shopping is not, in fact, the smartest way to go. There’s just something so satisfying about filling up those virtual shopping carts.

5. And finally, here’s the whopper. My husband claims that we can afford to live on just one salary and I could stop working any day – but as the rubber hits the road – I’m not entirely sure I’ve got the nerve to pull the trigger and instead have a host of reasons why now is not the best time for that. I’m also not convinced we could really afford to live on just his salary and maintain our lifestye.

So there you have it Kittens, deep thoughts of mine.


6 Responses to “KittyTime True Confessions”

  1. Emma Says:

    In all fairness – Halloween is only 2.5 months away – and it’s my hubby’s birthday, too!

    I live for Ebay! When DS had to eat the super freaking expensive formula (nothing but the best for his palette) – I bought cases of formula online. And yes, it’s a lot cheaper than buying it in the grocery store even with the coupons from the manufacturer!

    Maybe Part time is an option? I think you might go bananas without our witty babe lunches, etc. 🙂

  2. Nora Says:

    Oooh! #5! Tell your husband to tell mine! You know, I go on about oh I like to work and adult interaction and I’m all smart and stuff and The Outside World Needs Me and all this business, but really days at the park and baking and soap operas sounds pretty good most of the time. And more than 2.5 hours with your bubba, the ecstasy of it. Crap, it’s hard though, being dependent on man for money etc. and having something to do with yourself when age 50. And being a stay at home is the hardest job in the world (Oprah said so, it must be true). Good luck!

  3. Sara Says:

    I just decided today that I’m going to quit my job and work part time… and you know what inspired me? Your say “no” blog! Yep, c’est vrai, you’ve got that much influence on me!

    I think you should quit and figure out a way to make money blogging!

  4. Sam Says:

    I think you should do whatever makes you happy and change your lifestyle/work life to suite. Frankly, work is a crappy measure of self worth and I tend to think most professionals know that but don’t want to admit it until it is too late. I don’t. Renting your life doesn’t mean you’re important. Helping create a life that has meaning, value and idealism is important, but, as you (others) have said in the past…that’s not paying (cash) so well these days, though it should.

  5. Asti Says:

    Not to mention if we all follow up and stop working, then we can all meet up and have lunch all the time with the kids and socialize! Too me that is better than a job any day 🙂

    BTW, I also hear you with #4, I am obsessed with online and catolouge shopping, I buy tons of stuff, but return it all too! I will never learn.

  6. kittytime Says:

    I love all the comments this entry posted. I can never figure out why certain entries compel comments while others don’t. I do feel compelled to respond to something Sam commented on, however. I think that in homes where both parents are working, it is just as possible and realistic to help raise a little one who’s life has meaning, value and idealism – as it is in homes where only one parent goes off to work. I’m sure Sam feels the same way but that struck a bit of a nerve with me…..and I like to fight with Sam.

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