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Oh, I’m definitely going there July 31, 2007

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By now, all of my loyal fans and followers know there are a two central themes here on KT. Want to sing along? I know you know them.

1. If you think it won’t happen to you, it will. Trust me.

2. Open mockery of Republicans, in particular the small few who are left who still think the President is doing a good job. The only ones that get a pass are the progressive, socially democtratic leaning ones who consider themselves Republicans for tax/financial reasons. You know who you are.

SO really, really, I try to set aside judgement here on KT. You work? You stay home? Great. I love you.

You have a nanny? You send your child to daycare? Super. I love you too.

You had an epidural? Super, so did I. You had a c-section? Great, hope your recovery was fast. We all have our own birth stories. One friend has pointed out that it’s the really horrid, near death ones, that seem to live on in time, haunting those first-time preggo’s out there.

Everyone had a hard delivery. Everyone has a rough time in the beginning. Everyone loves their child.

See? I could be the Secretary of State – the Diplomat of all Mommies.

Until today.  In case you didn’t know it:

“An unassisted birth hammers home what it means to be a woman.”


Ahh yes. Today’s Washington Post Health section features a controversial, sure to bring up impressions and emailed links, traffic to their site, story on the wave of women who believe that unassisted birth is the way to go. And by their quotes throughout the piece, appear to be judging those who dare seek out medical guidance or gasp….the use of a hospital, for delivering their child.


I think you most definitely should go read the story and learn about how having your 10 year old in the room to help you deliver your child without any medical help or supplies, is what really makes you a woman.  I don’t know about you but I had trouble watching the baby’s head crowning in the birth scene in “Knocked Up.” And I’m not 10.


I mean really.

Should I get out my shrink hat and comment on what repercussions a 10 year old girl will face from the trauma of witnessing a natural birth with no medical help or drugs?

Can we check back with that 10 year old in about 20 years to see if she ever intends to have a child? And if so, where she ends up birthing that kid?


The bottom line is – I’ll leave all the dangers of birthing a child in your home, without any doctors or midwives present – for the medical experts to discuss. When other people are judgemental, it brings out the worst in me – which is really what this article did to me.


But the real point at the end of the day is this – you don’t get a gold star and a trophy branded on yourself, like some kind of superhero emblem, opposite of a scarlet letter, to wear around, for birthing your child in that environment. At the end of the day, all that matters is that mommy and baby are safe and healthy at the end of delivery….and I’m putting my money on a hospital with doctors – where the odds are clearly in mine and baby’s favor. We all know that labor can be very dangerous and things can turn murky on a dime.


I’m pretty sure carrying a life inside of you and then bringing it into this world is just ONE of the things that makes you a woman.



3 Responses to “Oh, I’m definitely going there”

  1. amy s. Says:

    I don’t know much about your website or your opinions,
    but I sure agree w/ your points on this issue. I’m a doctor and a mother, and I would never dream of having an ‘unassisted’ delivery. I’ve been on both sides of the delivery table ( 17 years in practice, and 2 births–one child is 1 month old and the other is 17 mos old), and I’ve seen how quickly, how badly, and how unexpectedly things can go wrong. There is no way to justify the danger posed to an infant from an unassisted delivery. Deliveries can be done in a comfortable, less invasive manner both in medical facilites and in homes (w/ skilled midwives). The need of a woman to give birth at home w/ no medical help is foolhardy and naive, and shows a true lack of concern for the welfare of the child. Since when does a person’s need to prove her ‘womanhood’ (or whatever these women are trying to prove) outweigh the welfare of a baby??
    Unassisted deliveries at home seem to represent the worst of some strange feminist ideology.

  2. kittytime Says:

    Dr Amy S – Welcome to KittyTime and thank you for your wonderful reply. Its so well written and well, legit considering you are both a doctor and a mother. Furthermore, I agree with absolutely everything you’ve said. I hope the other KT readers will read your response. And please come back and visit KT more often!


  3. Martha Gallagher Says:

    As your mother, nurse and diplomatic wife who came from W. Africa and N. Africa to deliver you and one of your sisters in a medical facility which could react and care for an emergency. I was well aware of the dangers and knew I wanted the best possible care for my babies. I found this unassisted delivery to be nothing more than attention seeking for whatever reason and extremely poor judgment for the welfare of her newborn. I guess i haveto ask what is this woman trying to prove other than stupidity.

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