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Baby Beauty Pageants July 25, 2007

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Just when you thought we’d covered all the bizarre and unusual topics concerning babies here on KT, think again. There’s more.

And in case any of you have forgotten, let’s harken back to last December’s entry on baby wigs. For those of you who have become new parents since that time, don’t forget, you can always find a baby wig for your precious child to help them look more like your favorite celebrity – just log on here:

I think the Donald Trump wig is still my personal fav.  

In the meantime, think about your beautiful babe. If you’re anything like me, you’re pretty sure that there isn’t a better looking kid out there. Particularly once their personality develops more. Then you’re really quite sure that your kid is the next America’s top model – whether you have a boy or a girl.

In dark moments, you might begin to wonder wierd things like – is my baby so good looking that people see him/her and then look at me and wonder who she got her good looks from?

Or even worse – you think they just see your beautiful child and then see you, equally beautiful and glowing new mommy – and it all makes sense to them?



OF course that’s what they are thinking.

But just in case you needed validation, you can always head over to your favorite local shopping mall and enroll your baby in a beauty pageant.

Anyone else envisioning JonBenet Ramsay now parading around like a china doll in all those videos we saw after she disappeared?

Yes well, in case you missed it, Sunday’s Washington Post featured a hilarious and insider’s look into the world of baby beauty pageants. I, for one, really love the reporter’s sense of humor, so I enjoyed reading the piece in its entirety….and if you need a good laugh, I’d urge you to log on and read it as well:

Of the many times I laughed out loud, I think my favorite was the consensus that amongst the fathers, they were there because their wives made them.


One Response to “Baby Beauty Pageants”

  1. ch Says:

    my mom entered me in a mall pageant when I was 8 months old. she’s still pissed that I came in second.

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