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Elizabeth Edwards for Prez, Michelle Obama for VP July 19, 2007

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Earlier this week, posted a very interesting interview with Elizabeth Edwards, wife of KT’s favorite presidential candidate, John Edwards. After reading the interview in its entirety, I hereby would like to vote for Elizabeth Edwards for President. And Michelle Obama for Vice President.

The women behind these men are intelligent, thoughtful, grounded, aware of the real challenges facing this country, and for the purposes of this blog, they are also mom’s, and for much of the time, working mom’s. Hearing what each of them have to say never fails to interest me.

Here’s a link to the piece on Elizabeth Edwards, and I encourage you to read it:

What really struck me about this interview is her candor. Maybe it’s because she’s fighting cancer and has been through a tough presidential campaign before, but she has a real “I’m saying what I think and frankly, I don’t care how you react” attitude, that strikes a chord with KT. Shocker, I know.

But isn’t that the crux of the problem with most campaigns? It’s all so fake and focused on talking points. Here, Mrs. Edwards speaks very candidly about the evil that is Ann Coulter, why Hillary isn’t the most pro-woman candidate just because she’s a woman, and how, in the end, her kids are what matters.

Frankly, it’s the very end of the interview that stuck with me the most. She points out that you don’t really know until years later, what lessons you truly taught your kids. This never occurred to me before.  I hope you’ll read her poignant and candid interview.

And then there’s KT’s ongoing favorite, Michelle Obama. I never had a chance a few weeks ago to blog on her interview on NPR – talking about how the plight of working mothers is an issue that she will bring to national attention if she is the first lady. I can get on board with that.

Here is a link to her interview but I will also point out my favorite quote, she asks:

“Is there a way that we can invest differently in this country to bring more support and attention to the issues that are basically strangling the family unit? Obama says that instead of spending money on the war in Iraq, the government should be providing universal health care and better quality childcare, as well as expanding and improving the quality of education.”

 At the end of the day, if Elizabeth and Michelle were running, I’d be hitting the campaign trail to support them and they’d guarantee my vote.

I will continue to watch them as the campaign trails heat up and I hope they’ll bring us more candor and continue to draw attention to issues that working mom’s and women care about.


2 Responses to “Elizabeth Edwards for Prez, Michelle Obama for VP”

  1. Gilbert Says:

    I concur, we, as a nation, would be better served with Lizzy baby. To further your point, I have included a link. Enjoy.

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