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Viva La France June 14, 2007

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Kittens –

Today is my last day in the office until the 27th of June. I am off to my rightful homeland, France.

C’est vrai.

Darling husband and I leave this weekend and will be gone for about 9 days. And for those of you wondering, darling daughter will NOT be joining us.

The first part of the trip is for work, I will be attending a conference in Lyon, and the last part of the trip is pure vacation. We will head down to Provence and just sorta tool around for a long weekend.

Never in my life, never in my wildest imagation did I ever expect to board a plane to Paris with a heavy heart and high anxiety, but apparently, I still haven’t learned to not be surprised by things since becoming a mom.

I actually do not know how to process not seeing darling daughter for so many days and get super emotional just thinking about it. Realize that I don’t feel sorry for myself and I fully realize how crazy this all sounds – but I’m just being honest.

I think like anything in life, the buildup and anticipation of something is actually worse than the reality, so I fully expect to have recovered and bounced back to my normal self once my twinkle toes hit the ground of Paris on Sunday. And I think a cafe au lait and pain au chocolat will help mend my aching heart…..

I think it will be bizarre and fun for us to revert back to our old life, the life that includes dawdling along streets, browsing casually in shops, loitering around a museum, and eating out at whatever time we damn well please. Not to mention actually eating a warm meal if eating out. That old life seems like light years ago and well, isn’t that what vacation is for? We will get a taste of it once again.

Surely we’ll spend a large part of that dawdling time talking about darling daughter.

But talking about darling daughter when you actually don’t have to DO anything beyond what you want to do at that precise moment in time – again, foreign concept.

And so french kittens, I bid you adieu. I will think of you and come back with grand stories of summer fashion trends in France and anything else you must know about all things wonderful in Europe.

A bientot!


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