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Real Time Delivery June 6, 2007

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As you all know, KT has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of one of her BFF’s babies. Well, yesterday was the big day – INDUCTION DAY.

At first, KT and her friends were bored with said preggo friend. We got tired of waiting for baby to arrive, we were annoyed with waking up each morning and never finding an email to alert us that she was in labor. Then they scheduled her induction and said she’d likely not go into labor before scheduled date.



Where is the element of surprise?

Add to it that we were all so sure she was having a boy, mommy-to-be included.

Snore fest, right?

Well……not so fast, kittens. Me thinks my flair for dramatics got a little ahead of reality this time.

As it turns out, it’s the dawn of real time delivery.
No. No. Don’t turn your head in horror. We did NOT have a live webcast going in the delivery room (though it was thrown out there as a viable option when we were tired of wondering what the latest news is); we just were more addicted to our crackberries than normal.

Not only are we all obsessed with up-to-the-minute late breaking cable news, non stop, hungry for more more more, turns out we are addicted to up-to-the-minute late breaking delivery news.


You’re 7cm dilated?

What, exactly, is your excuse for NOT emailing us and letting us know? AS IT IS HAPPENING?

Just picture the scene. The innocent mommy-to-be had her crack with her in the delivery room. The day started out calm with plenty of time to keep me updated.

In which, I would immediately turn around and update the mom’s other BFFs.

Yes – we were operating under the stealth guise of not “inundating” the induced preggo with emails – so instead we were drooling like starving wolves over our computer keyboards and cracks for any snippet of information we could get.

And it was great for a while. Emails would come in quite regularly from the mommy-to-be. Everything sounded good. Spirits were high. Everyone was healthy.

But then. Then.



We heard NOTHING.

And well, mix in a lot of dramatics, a few preggo hormones with one BFF, some brain dead mommy comments with other BFFs, a day without too many work meetings (READ: free time to obsess and email – and let’s not forget a generous amount of time off for a nice lunch) and well… can only imagine the plausible scenarios that were being emailed back and forth.

Sure, many comments were witty. I mean, this is moi and mi amigos we are talking about. We are funny, not just pretty.

There were lots of insults being lobbed back and forth as we jockeyed for position over who would have the most accurate guess on birth time and gender.

It’s entirely possible that there might have even been a “Her husband has hands, why hasn’t he used them to email an update,” thrown in. With a few f bombs dropped, using her husband’s name in vain.

Oh, and maybe, JUST MAYBE, KT promised to swear off insulting Republicans for an entire week if the other preggo BFF’s husband kept the updates coming when she goes in labor.

You decide if I went that far.

But really kittens, really, real time delivery news is exciting, late breaking, at times painfully stressful and tedious, and really, a wild ride. Turns out our preggo friend wasn’t boring at all, in the end.

You get to strap yourself in and really feel like you are a part of your BFF’s big day. It leaves a little too much wiggle room for postulating and theorizing, but really, what fun is life without a few ridiculous scenarios tossed into the mix?

In the end, we finally learned the news. We had to log quite a few over-time hours into our cracks. My hands might have still been cracking while I slept last night, after the day I had. One BFF admitted she only left her crack’s side to pee (who are we kidding, we know she takes it into the bathroom).

I mean, how could we not know IMMEDIATLEY of the birth of baby?

And finally, finally, baby was born.

Healthy and strong.

And for those of you paying attention – NOT a boy.

We got the delivery time and gender wrong. We were so wrong.

But man was it fun along the way.


2 Responses to “Real Time Delivery”

  1. Congrats! “Next time” give maternity acupressure a try in order to naturally start your labor. Maternity acupressure is a safe and pretty effective natural, at-home labor induction remedy. All the best to you and your baby! Lena

  2. kindredspirit Says:

    KT, you never disappoint! Love the play by play with your hilarious color commentary!

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