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Be Grateful for Ginsburg May 31, 2007

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First, let me say that I have been very remiss in blogging on the spate of decisions the Supreme Court has made, of late. In particular, the wholly disappointing and neanderthal decision to uphold the federal ban on partial birth abortion.

I will try to make good on that today by calling attention to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. As we all well know, she is the only female Supreme Court Justice on the Bench right now. Which in and of itself speaks loud and clear about how important the Bush Administration views women as representatives of the people.

That being said, Ginsburg has done something remarkable and very unusual this Spring. She has spoken out in dissent of two decisions the Court has made. Most recently, a few days ago, she spoke out against the Court’s decision to rule that workers may not sue their employers over unequal pay caused by discrimination.

More specifically, the case was brought forth by a woman alleging that she had been unfairly underpaid over the course of the almost 20 years she worked for Goodyear because she is a woman.

Ginsburg read a dissent from the bench for the second time in six weeks because of the consistent decisions by the Court that set back the rights of women in this country.

Ginsburg said: “In our view, the court does not comprehend, or is indifferent to, the insidious way in which women can be victims of pay discrimination.”

According to the same article from yesterday’s Washington Post:

 “Last month, Ginsburg rebuked the same five-justice majority for upholding the federal Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act and for language in the opinion that she said reflected “ancient notions about women’s place in the family and under the Constitution — ideas that have long since been discredited.”

I would urge you to read the article in it’s entirety here:

I don’t really have anything witty or smart ass to say about any of this. I remain disgusted by the Bush Administration and the ways that this President has managed to infiltrate every aspect of the lives of all of us – and not once for the good. He has caused countless setbacks. I truly cannot tolerate or comprehend how anyone in their right mind can support him or any decision he has made for our country. In particular, women. All you need to do is spend a few minutes paying attention to just these two decisions made by the extremely conservative majority of our Supreme Court.

The time for a new President and Administration really can’t come soon enough. Sadly, I just don’t know how many years it will take to undo the colossal mess this current Administration has created. After-all, just these two decisions alone affect not only every single woman you know, including yourself, but they will impact our daughters until enough of the current Justices move off the court and some wrongs can be righted.


2 Responses to “Be Grateful for Ginsburg”

  1. The thought of the very negative effect the Bushies have done to our country makes me want to move to Canada. Instead I’ll go grab a sign and continue protesting. Thank goodness there is someone on our side, on the inside.

  2. marthajgallagher Says:

    I am thrilled by your response to the incomprehensible decisions made by the Court over the last couple of weeks. I too ,like my friend at ChopShop Studios , continue to protest against the many stupid decisions made and practiced by this Bush Administration. The are hurting everyone in this country.

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