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Friday Round-up May 25, 2007

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Gather round summer kittens, what better way to kick-off the Memorial Day weekend than with some empty, bottom feeding, celeb gossip?

Hopefully you are headed to the beach, but in case you have a tyke in tow and won’t really have time for lounging and reading gossip rags, I’m here to get your weekend started and make sure you are up-to-date in the goings on of the Celeb World.

First – Britney and Angie Jolie have one thing in common. They seem to never be photographed with their youngest child, their own flesh and blood. I recently saw a grainy pick of Jayden James, so it would seem that he does exist and appears to have only one head and only four appendages.

Certainly I prefer the rumors of some kind of Satan’s child or something, but still, he appeared to be a mini-Sean P. But why is Sean P the fav?

Just like why do we never see Angie lovingly cuddling Shiloh like she does Z or Madd?

Here’s my example:

Ahoy matey JJ – where art thou?

And while we’re on the subject of Angie and Brad. I missed her interview with Ann Curry the other day but honestly – did anyone really think she’d say anything worthwhile? She is busily taking Cannes by storm with her beloved Brad and I have to say, I was a little surprised to see her wearing a bright color – check her out in this pretty YELLOW dress:,0,4

Surely you will notice there is a gallery of photos and those of you who know and love moi must know that I had to pick that particular pic to link too. My ass is better than Angie’s, so imagine what Brad would be doing if I were standing there next to him?

Moving on, how about Matt Damon. Some of you might have been on the fence about him before. Is he really THAT hot? Is he very tall? Is he maybe just like a nice guy and not as sexy as some of his co-stars?

Well, in case you needed some persuading, what tugs at a woman’s heart strings more than an incredibly wealthy movie star who also happens to be a devoted and doting Dad?

Link it up, sisters:,0,4

Now, moving on to preggo stars. Does anyone else watch  “Access Hollywood?” Because I do when I can and honestly, it annoys the hell out of me that they seem to hide Nancy O’Dell’s pregnancy. When she’s on, they very rarely show anything below her neck. God it pisses me off.

But how about this – Naomi Watts. Adorable – but not loving this dress:

By now, we’re all well aware that Sheryl Crowe adopted a little white baby boy and named him Wyatt. For some reason, reading her interviews about being a new mom really annoy me. I think it’s because she seems to always mention the baby nurse.

Why is that necessary?

Why do you even need to mention it?

And frankly, it fires me up. She wasn’t preggo. She didn’t endure 10 exhausting months. She sure as hell didn’t go through hours of labor and pushing that kid out of her. SO why the f can’t she wake the hell up and tend to her newly adopted kid? Or at least shut up about the damn baby nurse!

And finally, moving away from motherhood to just plain cool (who also happens to be a mom) – SJP’s new clothing line launched last night – it’s called Bitten and apparently is inexpensive. Think SJP is trying to go head-to-head with Madonna’s line at H&M?

With that, I leave you summer cats, to prowl the beaches looking fine, remember your sunblock, and you’ll hear more from me next Tuesday.

And if at least one of KT’s pregnant BFF’s don’t have at least ONE of their kids by next Tuesday, I’ll be all sorts of fired up!!!!


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