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Mother’s Day = Dead to me May 11, 2007

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Kittens –

I think we all know by now that Sunday is Mother’s Day. The day to celebrate Mom’s. The day to celebrate ourselves and all that we’ve given and all that we’ve sacrificed for our children, right? The day to pamper. The day to spoil. The day where breakfast begins in bed and dinner rounds out the day with a gourmet chef and smiling cherub’s looking lovingly at mom, right?


Give me a break.

The only people who fall for this are Hallmark, local restaurants and anyone who sells jewelry or department stores who advertise on TV.

You know what I say to all of them?

Bite me.

Because you know what REALLY happens on Mother’s Day? Dare I pull back the curtain and reveal the inner workings of this “day for mom?”

Here’s what happens.

A few days before Mother’s Day, the emails and calls start flying around about “what to do” and Mom inevitably gets suckered into helping plan the logistics, coordinate everyone’s schedule and find out where in the hell we can still get a reservation for lunch.

Then mom is suckered into getting the kids dressed up for this occasion, packing the bags to have the right supplies to keep the kids well occupied during this meal out where the restaurant is jam packed, service is slow-to-miserable and children get bored and difficult. Therefore mom really doesn’t eat.


Or Relax.

Or how about this- no one really planned far enough in advance – so let’s have brunch at mom’s house.

Oh yes – I’m sure husband and children will:

Go grocery shopping

Plan menu

Clean house

Cook meal

Clean dishes

All without the involvement of mom.



And don’t forget, there’s also the grandmother’s on both sides to remember and to coordinate into the plans.

Or maybe there’s a graduation ceremony or two that mom gets to attend for her brother, sister, cousin, whatever – in combo with the “fun and relaxing” meal out on Sunday.

So the moral here, kittens? The moral is this: Mother’s Day is a crock.

Yes. It’s nice that there is a day to celebrate and recognize all that Mom does. But the idea of giving mom a break, letting her have a relaxing day of lounging and pampering – is fool’s talk. At least where I live.

So go forth kittens. Honor the woman that gave you life. Honor the woman that gave you your child. Honor the woman that is carrying the baby in her womb. But don’t be fooled into thinking she’s having a relaxing day that is carefree and whimsical.


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